Sunday, March 04, 2007

Winter survival in the cook shed

How many straight hours can one listen to the sound of video games being played, of kids arguing about video games, and of kids giving up on video games to watch a "King of the Hill" marathon? All within about 500 square feet of living space?

Yes, those are Christmas lights still up in March, and those are real icicles hanging from the lights. Actually I prefer to call them "winter cheer" lights, because I never intended to take them down until day lengths got back to a reasonable amount. Around the equinox, that is.

I'm not saying the kids didn't get out to enjoy some fresh air once in a while. Starflower especially seemed to enjoy the snowdrifts. But my philosophy on outdoor recreation has evolved to the point where, while I encourage it, I don't want to nag the kids to drag their butts outside for a while. That would leave them with the sense that playing outdoors is just a chore, something to appease Mom. They eventually find their way outside on their own. Unfortunately, I think the pond skating season is over for the year so that won't be an option. Even if I did get out there with the snowblower (not the shovel; I think I'm still hurting from the last time I cleared a mere three inches of powdery stuff off the ice!) I would probably find that the weight of the snow has caused water to seep up around the edges and cracks in the ice, forming a layer of slush. Oh well, I did rediscover how to do the waltz jump this year, and the kids improved greatly.

Funny thing, when the big snow hit and I found myself facing an extended weekend at home, I fancied myself making all kinds of culinary creations in the cook shed. It would not have anything to do with escaping the constant barrage of electronic noise, now, would it? Not a bit, I tell you. I only found the time to make:

  • rye bread

  • bread crumbs from old rye bread

  • Italian meatballs using the bread crumbs

  • spaghetti and meatballs

  • teriyaki sauce (for marinating meat, stir fry, etc)

  • chocolate chip cookies (gone in 1.5 days, I didn't eat any)

  • oatmeal cranberry raisin cookies (now these I could get into)

  • pot roast

  • beef stew from leftover pot roast

  • whole wheat flour tortillas

  • venison jerky

  • pickled northern pike

Note the hyperlinks on the last two items. I also found the time to resurrect a blog I started in September, which I haven't really been paying attention to. Every so often when I do a food post, I plan on posting the recipe there, as well as some of my musings on trying to be a homemaker while living the reality of holding a full time job outside the home.

That's the intention, anyway.

(clockwise from upper left: pickled northern pike, oatmeal cranberry raisin cookies, venison jerky, tortillas)


gtr said...

Looks tasty! I love that feeling of kitchen creativity/productivity, when there's time.

My weekend has gotten away from me without THAT much productivity, but the list is slowly lengthening, getting caught up. Here's to more snow days!!!

Tracy said...

I've been looking for a pickled Northern recipe - I need to use up what's in the fridge. Thanks!

Floridacracker said...

You were busy!
Looks good.

Lynne said...

I'm not a pickled fish gal (strange, considering my Norske heritage) but my DH Art the Actuary loves it and is looking foreward to trying out your recipe. He tried making venison jerky once and the whole house wound up smelling like bloody road-kill!

Anonymous said...

For a second there, I could have sworn those were lefsa, not totillas