Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the cusp of the season

This has been a balmy Sunday here, with a high in the mid 70's. It was sunny, and as usual lately, dry. The grass is so dry you could snap the blades off. The birch and aspen trees have long ago given up the ghost, and are shedding brown, crinkled leaves without much fanfare.

Tomorrow, however, the high is only expected to reach the mid fifties, with perhaps some much needed rain in the forecast. I may have to transition from wearing Teva flip flops, which have lasted amazingly well throughout the summer, to some more warming footwear. Which, according to the latest count, I have none of. Nina took my running shoes for volleyball, and I haven't bothered to buy a decent pair of "real" shoes for years. I don't even like the thought of wearing "real" shoes!

We have made it through half of September without supplementary heat, even though night temperatures have gotten into the thirties. That will change tomorrow. The wood stove is ready. I think I am too.

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