Wednesday, March 07, 2007

coming out of the chrysalis

I think a recent post on Madcapmum's blog, and the subsequent comments, have said it well: A lot of us bloggers, especially in the northern climes, seem to be wrapped in a cocoon, waiting to be drawn out again. I feel it. I am looking forward to spring, knowing we are at the point that if winter comes at us with a vengeance, at least it will be at most a temporary thing.

I was looking at Floridacracker's blog today, envying his sightings of ducks in a bay along the Gulf Coast. Then I realized: There's not much about the weather at this time of year in Minnesota that draws us outside, to gaze on the wonders of nature out there. Cause frankly, there ain't much. Frozen lakes, frozen rivers, frozen forests so frozen that you wonder how they'll know when it's spring. Frozen hearts, frozen so hard you don't know if they're broken or just like the ice on the big lake or whatever. Maybe they'll thaw come spring.

That was my songwriter muse coming thru there; don't you dare repeat it!

Anyway, life seems to be on hold here until daytime temps average above freezing...will try to blog, but the blood to my brain feels like sludge...

It's dark. Though we see the light increasing at the end of the day, it's DARK.


Lynne said...

You said it Deb-

pablo said...

The frozen blogger. Think of the implications!


Floridacracker said...

75 here at 5pm and the most beautiful blue sky is spilling through my window.
That's coming to Minnesotarctica. Hang in there.

BurdockBoy said...

Hey I'm not ready yet. I still need to get some more x-country skiing in.