Tuesday, March 20, 2007

today I am 40

...and I don't feel any different. :)

We had king crab legs, shrimp, and roasted asparagus for dinner. Not much in the way of local dining, but IT WAS GOOD! :)

And, I did see a female harrier at one place, male harrier at another, on the way home. The male practically flew into my windshield. Harriers are, I think, the most flight-gifted birds in the world. I also saw an immature bald eagle and a flock of about 12 wild turkeys near my home.


Greg said...


hope it's a good year and a great decade!

MN Justin said...

Happy Birthday to you. 40 is not old.

Lynne said...

Happy Birhday Deb!! Here's a song for you-

Happy, happy birthday
to every girl and boy.
Hope this very secial day
brings you lots of joy.
Hope the birthday presents
you get from mom and dad
will make this very special day

Do you recognize it?
Maybe you're not OLD enough!
hint: it's from a local (MN) children's TV show from a few years back...

Deb said...

Greg- Thanks!

MN Justin- You got that right! Life begins at 40.

Lynne- Casey Jones! Watched it every day. And I also remember Clancy the Cop and Carmen the nurse. :)

gtr said...

Happy Birthday!! sounds like you enjoyed it.

Madcap said...

HappY SnappY DaY!

I send you a virtual Guiness from me and Chive. 2. One for you and one for the Hermit. And some piratical ginger-beer for the short ones.

vicki said...

Brain food for dinner and great birds for viewing- bodes well for your 41st year! Happy Birthday to you! My 40s were a wonderful decade; I think most women feel good about themselves as they get to be "of a certain age."
Mature but still young. :-)

Deb said...

gina- I did enjoy it very much, just the company of my family and some good food. Sorry we didn't make it to Duluth Saturday night; my stepson was having a birthday party (23rd) so that pre-empted all our available prospects for child care!

madcap- much enjoyed, much appreciated. And I do apologize, that brew book is still sitting there at work, in an envelope, I the great procrastinator. Will get it mailed off...tomorrow. :)

vicki- "Mature but still young"; That is exactly what I want to be, and what I feel like going into this new era of my life.

LauraHinNJ said...

Sorry I missed it - hope it was happy!

Cindy said...

a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deb! And who needs a restaraunt when you have baked asparagas! And harriers to keep you company on the road- doesn't get any better :)

(hopefully this will post, blogger isn't liking me much tonight)

Deb said...

cindy- thanks! :)