Sunday, March 11, 2007

St. Peter does WHAT?

In light of recent events, the kids have been asking some thoughtful questions about death and the afterlife. It seems most comforting to me to imagine Puffball in some kind of a cat heaven, complete with catnip bushes and bottomless food bowls and sunny windows with a bird feeder view.

How cats interact in this heaven, however, and just what they take with them of their physical bodies, has been a topic of discussion. Today at breakfast the kids were asking if Puffball would get to meet Lilith. "Lilith was a female, right?"


"Was she spayed?"


"When cats go to heaven, do they get their parts back?"

"Yes", Calvin answers. "There's this guy dressed in white standing at the gate there that gives them back their testicles and stuff."

Ahh, grief mixed with a healthy dose of humor.


pablo said...

I hope I'm not being impolite by saying this post made me chuckle.


Floridacracker said...

Made me LOL out loud as Monk would say.
I read it to my wife and she did too.
Good medicine.

gtr said...

Ha! The wisdom of kids. Good to hear they're finding comfort in the vision of cat heaven...

Deb said...

No impoliteness at all...glad someone else got a chuckle out of this. I had a long hard laugh at breakfast.

e4 said...

Brilliant... That thought will keep me smiling for at least another hour or two...