Thursday, March 22, 2007

it's seed time

I just added up how much I've spent on seeds and gardening supplies so far this year, and...well, this is an experimental year. I'm still trying to see what will grow best here, and this year I have the added challenge of growing for a farmers market. That said...$150 on seeds (and seed potatoes) and shipping and handling? That's not counting the book I purchased on Native American gathered foods, or the T-shirt from my favorite seed company; those extras in the seed catalogs are quite appealing, you know!

I probably have enough seed to last several years now, especially if I save some from this year's crop. When I ordered seeds, I had forgotten that The Hermit had placed a considerable seed order with Peaceful Valley Farm Supply last fall, to build up a sort of "when the shit hits the fan" seed stash. All good, but I wish I would have found the seed stash before I placed a huge order Sunday morning.

That huge order was with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and I received that order today, four days after I placed it, complete with T-shirt. I must say, that is about the best service I've ever had from any seed company. I highly recommend them, and I admire what they are doing to find and preserve heirloom seed varieties. I will wear that shirt at the farmers market this summer.

I also have tomato seeds planted now, in addition to the peppers I did last week. My dad asked me if it wasn't a bit early, but they say 6-8 weeks before last frost. 8 weeks puts us into mid May, which shouldn't be too early in my hoop house beds. Varieties planted include: Brandywine, Amish Paste, Grandma Mary's Paste, Stupice, Yellow Pear, Black Cherry, Burbank, Ropreco Paste, and...I can't remember right now. But you can see I don't go half way with tomatoes. :)

Bird update: First killdeer heard today, on school grounds. Sandhill cranes reported nearby, but I have not seen or heard any...yet.

The other tomatoes I planted were: Siletz, Maskabec, Beaverlodge plum, and Beaverlodge slicer (both extra-early varieties). The peppers are: Alma paprika, Hot Portugal, King of the North, Wisconsin Lakes, early jalapeno, and serrano. Some of the tomatoes have sprouted as of this morning (Friday, 3/23)!


Rurality said...

You're going to be really busy in a few months! :) Hey happy late birthday. So you're 40, now your life can begin in earnest, right?!

Mike said...

You don't mind if I stop by when your tomatoes come in, do you? Your list of delectable heirlooms didn't just make my mouth water, it made my head swim! What can I say, I have a weakness for good tomatoes.

Deb said...

rurality- Yes, come August I think it'll be "what was I thinking?!" And life is just beginning.

mike- they are addictive, aren't they.