Wednesday, May 06, 2015

What I'm thinking about right now (in no particular order)

I have not had the time (or, more accurately, made the time) for a coherent blog post lately. So many threads in the Dude's head.. So I'll fire some of them off here, more for a mental exercise for myself than for anyone's reading pleasure. So you're warned.

-It is getting green around here fast, and a couple weeks ahead of last year..
-First Ovenbird was heard this morning. 
-Pretty sure I heard an Eastern towhee here yesterday. That's a first.
-My son graduates in less than a month. Yes, I am freaking out about that. 
-My schedule this week is booked solid with baseball games and band concert.
-The band concert was emotional. A tribute to Colton. 
-I knew it would be, and I almost didn't want to go.
-But I did. 
-The East Central Eagles baseball team has won two games in a row. 
-I love watching high school baseball.
-I ran my first 10K last Saturday.
-Found out that people who run a 10 minute + mile do not generally run 10Ks. But I got my goal. 
-It hurts for longer than I thought after running a 10K. I have a bruise on the sole of my foot near a middle toe. 
Running the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon next on June 20. Staying in a suite in Duluth's Canal Park with an old friend and a bunch of other runners. FUN! 
-My boss retired. I naturally applied for the job. We'll see. 
-Yoga felt really good tonight.

That is all. Namaste.