Sunday, March 18, 2007

kestrel dances

The kestrels are back, and I thank Starflower's friend Ada for giving me the opportunity to see them. Ada invited Starflower to meet her at the school pool for open swimming, so I drove her there. It was then I first saw the kestrels; how could anyone miss them, with their strong, agile flight.

Kestrels have a thing for open farmland; there are certain areas along the road to town where I can almost be certain of seeing them in the summer. I usually don't see them at home. As we were driving to the school I saw no fewer than four kestrels, all perched on wires then rapidly flying away as we approached in the van.

When I wasn't taking Starflower swimming, I was setting up a new shelf in the cook shed and getting my seed starting equipment ready. I have two heat mats made for seedlings, which I found out work nicely for finishing venison jerky when I need the oven for chocolate chip cookies. :)


Lynne said...

I saw my first kestrel of the year today too. I don't know if I could id them in flight, but I can pick them out sitting on wires with their tails twitching up and down.

pablo said...

How about venison chip cookies? I might be up for that!


Deb said...

Lynne- One of them dove so close to my windshield I could see its red coloration by the tail. Today I saw a female and male harrier, separate places, equally amazing.

pablo- now that would be a creation. However, my kids (much as they love jerky) and I still prefer chocolate. :)