Monday, March 12, 2007

Farmer's Market meeting

I attended a meeting of the Sandstone Area Farmer's Market tonight. Last year I was toying with the idea of growing extra vegetables and participating in the market, but that kind of fell by the wayside. This year, however, I have extra encouragement to join the market; it turns out one of the main organizers is an old coworker and friend of The Hermit's with whom we recently reconnected. She and her husband live within ten miles of us now, and The Hermit happened to find out through a local work contact. Sometimes it seems this county is a last outpost for those like us who seek to leave the city life.

There were maybe twenty or more people in attendance, a good assortment of veteran farmers and hobby gardeners, all who like the idea of providing fresh local produce. I'm beginning to think that, with the passion I have for gardening and producing our own food, perhaps I should not be so stingy with the results. I can preach my gospel best if I actually get out and sell some vegetables, and let people know why I'm there. Plus, the vendors returning from last year all said it was a lot of fun. So, I'm planning on it.

I also may be instrumental (pardon the pun) in getting some music performance together as a regular feature of the market. When we briefly lived in Northern California, the little market we went to on Saturdays, which had fewer vendors than the Sandstone market, had a tradition of acoustic music jams. I think live, traditionally-inspired music adds a lot to a farmer's market experience, and everyone at the meeting seemed very interested when I mentioned I played a little.

This, on top of everything else on my plate right now. But this could be fun...:)


Greg said...

Deb - that's really cool! Keep us posted. There is usually some musical entertainment at St. Paul's Farmer's Market and I love it. Going to the Market is as much about the entertainment value (people watching, etc.) as it is about picking up some fresh produce. I think it'd be a great idea to make it a part of your community's market.

Have fun!

Floridacracker said...

Live music at the St. Augustine farmer's market too. It does add a nice touch.
What will you market?

Deb said...

greg (aka The Commenter Formerly Known as dharma bum);)- I like playing music, but I'm not much of an organizer, so we'll see how it goes. But I can't help but think, music just might be the thing to put this market on the map.

By the way, have you heard the new Trampled by Turtles yet? Good stuff.

FC- I remember you posting about the music there. I came up with a list of stuff I could grow for market today, but I left it at work. There were a few niches at the market that weren't filled last year, like salad and stir fry greens, heirloom tomatoes, and fresh herbs. My goal for now is to be the first at the market with freah tomatoes. Hopefully around mid July here.

Greg said...

Deb - yeah, I suppose I should have somehow indicated my changing identity. :) I hear you on not being much into organizing. Could you just start by saying you're going to bring your mandolin or guitar to the first market and play some music, then see where it goes? Keep it simple?

Gotta love Trampled by Turtles. We went to the CD release show at First Avenue a few weeks ago, it was a blast. Those guys can really play. They actually had a drummer come and play on stage for a couple songs, but I have to say it just didn't seem to add very much to the music. Anyway, very enjoyable. I don't have the new CD yet but I should... :) You ever listen to Cloud Cult? Not at all bluegrass, but wonderful nonetheless and I think they live/record/farm up in your neck of the woods too.