Monday, March 26, 2007

more spring birds, pond activity, frogs, and mud

This time of year I just keep adding birds to the list. Today it was fox sparrow and Eastern phoebe. The Hermit saw purple finches at the feeder here, which would be another new addition if I had been around to see them.

I got an email mid afternoon from The Hermit, saying he and the kids and the dogs were headed out to the pond. Afternoon temps here hit 68, which felt really, really warm. There was still a considerable sheet of ice on the pond, but I guess Sally made the best of the open water. Hopi was a bit more reluctant; she cannot understand the affinity her mentor dog has with water. What can I say, Labs are superior that way; heck they are the superior breed. Starflower was in her bikini when I arrived home. She said that she had been in the water a little, but it was still cold.

I took Togo for a walk after I came home, and one unique thing I heard was a barred owl calling in broad daylight. I also heard the first of the Western chorus frogs, sounding a little slow and groggy but nevertheless heeding the call of Spring.

And mud. It is everywhere, a fact of life, but this warm weather has it disappearing fast. The ground has thawed enough so water percolates downward. I hope to be able to drive my car back to the house in a couple days.


Floridacracker said...

I'm glad it's warming up your way.
Labs ... definitely superior.

Our barred owls are calling a lot now too, but we have a shortage of mud. Very droughty and no rain in sight.

pablo said...

Bikini and Minnesota in the same sentence is pure cognitive dissonance!


Lynne said...

WOW!! Your Starflower must come from sturdy stock!!

vicki said...

Hmm- if Spring is coming to Minnesota, I need to get back to Chicago so I don't miss it. Your writing these past couple of posts puts me in mind of why it's good to live where there are seasons and I definitely don't want to miss the best one. A phoebe- lucky you! Nice spotting.

Deb said...

FC- let it stand for the record, I never fully approved of the non-lab dog in this household. :)

I'm praying for rain there.

pablo- but you have not met my daughter! My kids do not understand why footwear is necessary outdoors in winter. Go from there.

Lynne- She certainly didn't get it from me! And, you wouldn't find me out there in my bikini in March, not just because it's cold...

vicki- yes, the turning of the seasons does provide a reward that a constantly tropical place would not.

BurdockBoy said...

I can't believe the snow went so fast. I go away for 2 weeks and spring is here. Maple Syruping? Forget it.

We had a crap load of Purple finches at our feeder today. And oh how the gold finches are getting bright.