Friday, March 16, 2007

wascal wabbits

I got home early today, because Starflower had a music program at school at 1:30, and by the time it was over there was no point in going back to work. Anyway, my stepdaughter Sarah was here for spring break (she's a graduate student at Nebraska) and we made her a good steak dinner.

I did get home early enough, before dinner started, to take Togo for a walk and even to check out my garden. I saw maybe one lettuce sprout where I planted last week. There's still hope.

But then I walked over in the snow to check our apple trees we planted last year. Unfortunately, most of them have been nibbled on by rabbits, maybe even girdled. Arrrgghhh.


pablo said...

Well, you could do like I do and invest nearly $10 in each little twig building a steel cage around it to protect it. Your neighbors will no doubtedly laugh behind your back, but if you have a fifty percent success rate, you'll consider yourself a bloody genius. (2nd person is so handy, isn't it?)


Rurality said...

Bad! Bad wabbits!

Just returned to blogging from a little break... sorry to hear about Puffball.

Deb said...

pablo- considering those trees cost about $25 apiece, that might not be a bad investment.

rurality- thanks. He was a good cat.