Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring is officially here!

On the way to work I saw my first male red winged blackbird of the season. And when I got out of my car at work, I heard a robin calling!

Edited later: I went for a walk at lunch time and saw a flock of robins, so that's confirmed. I also saw a dark eyed junco on the ground by the bird feeder at work; although they are very common around here in the spring, this is a year first for me. The Hermit called and said the sandhill cranes were calling at our place this morning, although I did not get to see or hear them when I came home. I took Togo for a walk, and we ended up walking along the north side of the creek by the horse pasture, and I think I saw some red winged blackbirds there. Didn't have binoculars with me though, and I don't have my glasses yet. :)

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