Saturday, May 31, 2008

the garden beds are ready...almost



I think this may have been the worst year ever for getting the garden beds ready. Due to the cold, wet weather, I wasn't able to get into most of the beds as early as I would have liked. And due to an early frost last summer, and my neglect afterwards, some grasses crept in underneath the boards and established themselves. So it wasn't just seedling weeding, it was like turning over sod in some places. I had to edge the beds with a shovel and carry out huge clumps of grasses, and unfortunately, soil. I also carried out boulders the size of a cat from some beds.

I did manage to get the last seven beds weeded today, which means I'm almost ready to plant. Almost, that is, because some of these beds need a bit more soil, which I can get from the horse pasture once I pump up the tire on the wheelbarrow.

This last bed was done in a hurry, and the picture taken rather hastily, because I was being attacked by the most vicious, bloodthirsty mosquitoes I have ever seen here. I tried to escape them by bringing Sally and a tall cool drink to the beach, but there they were. Finally I went to the new house and had a little shade, peace, and quiet. Except for the occasional shouts from the kids and their three friends who were here for a while this afternoon.

In the morning I was serenaded by an elusive bird with a high, buzzing call. I think it may have been a savannah sparrow, which would be a lifer although I'm sure they've been here with me all this time.


barefoot gardener said...

Thank you for making me feel like I am not the only one desperately behind in my gardening!

Aren't the mosquitoes bad this year? I can't believe it. I really don't remember them being this bad in past least not this early in the season. It seems like there are just hordes of them waiting every time you step outside! It gets a little scary here...when I look out the patio door, the screen is covered with them. It is like they are trying to figure out how to break through and get at us tasty morsels.


troutbirder said...

Battered and bruised by this cold and rainy Minnesota spring and fighting encroaching grass and weeds. How familiar but we Minnesotians are strong and and all above average.......

Deb said...

BG- So much for my aspirations to be a "four season gardener"...or even three seasons...I'll be lucky if I make it thru one season!

The mosquitoes are quite scary. I don't get huge bumps from mosquito bites anymore, but my kids don't have my immunity...:(

Troutbirder- Welcome! Yes it's true, the men are strong, women good looking, and kids above average. :)

Penelope said...

I envy you your huge garden, but I know it is also a huge undertaking. I've been noticing the mosquitoes down here in the southern part of the state as well. Exceptionally early. My son does get the huge bumps, and the 'squitoes seem to find him especially delicious. It's going to be a long, itchy season. Good luck with the garden!