Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it's finally, officially, spring

The mosquitoes are out. I'm sure they will be more plentiful than in years past, with all the wet weather and standing water we have around.

But for now I have a wood tick bite on my neck, and it itches more than any mosquito bite I've had lately. I think I might be more or less immune to mosquitoes now. But I'll pick up some herbal bug spray tomorrow.

A couple of minor triumphs in an otherwise trying work day: I launched a huge boat (18 foot, and wider than our normal work boats) by myself at a very busy public landing, and I backed said boat into a very limited space in our boat storage garage, ON THE FIRST TRY! All by myself, I might add, everyone else had already left for the day, not that I would have gone to the office begging for help. I just need to reinforce in myself the idea that "I can do this!", once in a while.


cindy said...

You rock, Deb!! They were formidable feats! Did you grow up on a farm? I'm a farm girl. We know how to back! That's a LARGE boat! Kind of nice once in awhile to say "that'll show em!"

Deb said...

Cindy- Actually I grew up in the suburbs, and didn't learn to back a boat trailer until I was in graduate school. I'm a fast learner though. :)