Saturday, May 24, 2008

New yard birds!

What a way to start out a long holiday weekend: Not one but two new yard birds, one a lifer!

I was out by the new house with The Hermit, listening to him think out loud, when a brief flash of blue caught my eye. I saw it light in a dead birch tree. Without thinking, I exclaimed "There's an indigo bunting!" Of course I did not have my binoculars with me, but who could mistake that lovely blue? I think it matches my new roof.

Then, while we were eating breakfast, I looked out at the dead spruce and saw a warbler with a yellow breast streaked with black. It was a bird I had never seen in real life, but I had seen an excellent photo of one recently, on Lynne's blog, Hasty Brook. Magnolia warbler! Thanks Lynne, I didn't even need to get out my field guide for that one!

The great thing is, it's only 9 AM!


Lynne said...

Yay!! Lucky you to get cool yard birds! The only indigo buntings I've ever seen were at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Golden Valley. I did see a flash of blue at Hasty Brook last summer but not enough to call it. It's supposed to be a gorgeous weather weekend. Hope you enjoy it!
Should be a big warbler weekend up there.
Wish I were "Up North".

Floridacracker said...

You can feel the excitement in your voice!

RuthieJ said...

Good birds for you Deb and right in your yard!
I've only seen a Magnolia Warbler once in my life, so that would be really exciting for me too.