Friday, May 16, 2008 must be spring

Today, at long last, we had a sunny day with temperatures that reached 75 on my car thermometer. Sweet, if only all of summer could be like today! The Hermit emailed me this morning, saying he had seen a hummingbird checking out the empty feeder I had left up last fall. I emailed back, promising to activate the feeder when I got home. The Hermit had to leave on work related stuff. Sigh.

For lunch, I picked up a sandwich at the grocery store and headed to the muskie ponds to hopefully see some bird action. The warblers were a bit slow, I only saw a small flock of palm warblers and one yellow, but I was treated to one steamy erotic reptilian scene...yes, I saw a pair of snapping turtles in the act of mating! Okay, it wasn't that exciting, but it was kind of cool if you're a wildlife nerd like me.

When I reluctantly arrived back at the office after my slightly extended lunch (hey, you don't see snapping turtles mating every day!) my boss was trying to find me. The school nurse had called, Starflower was feeling ill. :( I felt bad for her, but at the same time...who wants to stay at work until 4:30 on the first decent warm day of spring! So I picked her up and arrived home early, although I still had to drive back to school to pick up the boys because Calvin had a music concert in the afternoon and I had promised I would drive them home afterwards. And I had planned on stopping at the grocery store, which I could not do when I picked Starflower up.

She's feeling a bit better now, but there is definitely something wrong there. I'm wondering if it's Lyme disease, since she has had about four episodes like this in the past school year. And I'm feeling a bit achy myself.

I did get the hummingbird feeder cleaned, nectar made (with organic sugar!), and feeder put into place, and at dinnertime I was rewarded with the sight of my first male ruby throated hummingbird of the year.

Pictures? My camera is not getting along with my computer tonight. Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon.


barefoot gardener said...

Too bad you couldn't play a bit of mood music for the turtles *snicker, snort*

Sorry, the image of you serenading a couple of snappers was just too good. :)

It is too bad that Starflower is feeling poorly, but I would have been happy as a clam to get out of work early, as well.

Lynne said...

What a coincidence- I saw a hummer at Hasty today. They must have just pulled in. Ticks were thick. I've never seen so many deer ticks. Hope Starflower feels better.

Snapper porn! I'm thrilled to have a friend who appreciates a steamy erotic reptilian scene!!

RuthieJ said...

Good news about your first hummingbird Deb! (I had an extra long lunch outside today too--no turtles to use as an excuse--just too nice to go indoors)

I hope it's NOT Lyme disease and you and Starflower feel better soon.