Thursday, May 01, 2008

roofing progress

Finally I am seeing blue! The "back" half of the roof is mostly covered with steel roofing, and the "front" half will be done Monday. This is a big step, one we've been waiting for for a long time.

Under that pretty blue steel are two layers of foam board insulation, which should add up to an R value of 30 or so, important here in Minnesotarctica. Over the foam insulation are horizontal rows of 2 x 4's screwed through the insulation and roof boards to the rafters with 8 or 10 inch screws. The roofing is screwed to the 2 x 4's .

I stayed home to help out whenever possible, which meant I moved piles of boards and foam insulation here and there and helped carry the long sheets of steel roofing and lift them up to the crew. No, my feet never once touched a ladder. The combination of height and steep pitched roof
is not for me.

It was nice in the morning, partly cloudy and breezy, but as the day wore on it grew more breezy and cloudy. By late afternoon I was chilly and tired and ready for a hot shower. But we are a big step closer to moving in!


pablo said...

When is the house warming party?

Richard said...

No snow sticking to that roof! Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Deb that is so wonderful. I'm so glad for you and I have enjoyed watching the progress of your new home going up. Very nice!

denise said...


barefoot gardener said...

Oh, I am so excited for you! The house is beautiful.

Sue said...

Lookin'good! Congrats on being one step closer.

Pam said...

The house gets more and more beautiful. That's a great looking roof. How exciting for you!

RuthieJ said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work Deb, but the progress looks wonderful! Best of luck to you all as the project continues.

Floridacracker said...

Neat! That sounds like a very substantial roof!
Very attractive too!

Deb said...

Pablo- Probably in early August, when the tomatoes and sweet corn are ripe around here. Consider yourself invited.

Richard- I am only worried about the pile of snow that will slide in front of the south facing patio door! Really, I think snow-wide and fire-wise, this roof is the way to go.

Anonymous- Thanks! Glad you're tuning in!

Denise, Barefoot, and Sue- A collective "thanks" here!

Pam- I am more excited than you can imagine.

RuthieJ- We're starting to have some fun talks with the kids about moving in, and some serious talks about how we will handle moving in! It will be great for all, to have S_P_A_C_E!

FC- Our carpenter (who was not in on the foundation, first floor building or the roof rafters) thought if anything, the house was overbuilt. I like "overbuilt" when high winds and tornadoes happen.

Attractive holds a lot of weight with me too. :)