Sunday, June 01, 2008

first pond day

I haven't checked the Sand Creek archives, but I think June 1st may be the latest ever First Pond Day for our family. I know there have been first swims as early as April, with ice still visible.

It was just me and Sally, Mr. Attitude, and Starflower (by the way, starflowers are not blooming yet, although they are in Vermont.) The Hermit is away on business, and Calvin should be coming home from a friend's house any minute now. Starflower and I managed to carry the kayak about 200 yards from its winter parking place to the pond. Starflower is one strong girl; I had to stop and rest several times, but she was always ready to keep going!

We kayaked and swam for about half an hour; it would have been longer, had it not been for the mosquitoes. I'm hoping this first hatch will die off soon. It didn't help that we had all kinds of standing water here and there in the woods all spring. The pond water was not yet out of the preferred temperature range for brook trout, meaning, it was COLD! I went in for one quick dip, and that was enough for me.

Not that I spent my whole day in such leisure. By 9 AM I was hauling loads of black dirt from the (former) horse pasture to the gardens, by hand in the garden cart, a distance of about 150 yards over uneven terrain. The garden beds had to be filled, and I wanted to get it done before the sun got too high. I hauled six loads from the pasture, two more than my goal of four. Then I transported three loads from a pile that The Hermit had dumped last fall near the garden. All of the garden beds that needed supplemental dirt got it. I figure each cart load was about three bags of topsoil that you'd buy at the big box garden center, for about $3 apiece. So each cart load was worth $9, x9= $81 plus gas money to drive there and back (40 miles each way). Not to mention the gym membership I don't have to buy because I got a great workout in the process! And, it's really nice dirt. Complete with several earthworms in every shovelful.

Then, mind you, I cleaned and Shop Vac'd the whole house. Well, three tiny rooms, but there was enough hair in the bag to make a new dog or cat.

So I earned the pond dip, and this tall icy drink I am now sipping.


jan m said...

It's chilly in New York today. I shivered when I saw your photo.

cindy said...

Sounds like you got in some great exercise. I would rather get physically tired any day than mentally tired! Your labors will reap you great rewards. I love the photo of the third born and his big smile. Or is he in attack mode for that big yellow puppy? Whatever... he looks like he's having a blast. The second born looks very relaxed also.

pablo said...

Sounds idyllic, especially the tall icy drink part.

Anonymous said...

Wow Deb-you are such a hard worker; where do you get your energy? And speakin' of good ol' pet hair. It was time to wash my 2 bathroom rugs this weekend and I cannot believe how much dog hair was in the rugs and that my black lab Smokey even has any left on him!

Deb said...

Jan M- I shivered when I got out of the pond! Brrr!

Cindy- I'm still sore from all that work, as I figured I would be! But it was well worth it.

I didn't see the look on Mr. Attitude's face until I looked at the picture up close. Sweet! It was fun for all.

Pablo- Sometimes on a nice day I can go out to the beach for a while and dream my life is idyllic.

Momadness- I sometimes ask myself that same question. But I was pretty wiped out after all that.

A Shop Vac is not even the best thing for vacuuming up pet hair; there is still a lot sticking to the bedroom rug. Guess I'll have to hang it outside and get an old fashioned rug whacker (I actually remember whacking rugs at my grandma's house!)

Lené Gary said...

Hi Deb...I'm going to keep checking in to find out how varied our seasons are this year. :)

Glad to see you out playing, even if the water is a bit on the "chill" side.

Floridacracker said...

"...there was enough hair in the bag to make a new dog or cat."
Sounds like a great day.

Deb said...

Lene- The starflowers came out on June 4th. It's been a crazy spring here!

FC- Do dogs shed in subtropical climates such as yours? At least Sally isn't as bad as her predecessor, Lady, who shed a new dog's worth of hair every week or so, all year.

It was a great day, and I'm glad I set my mind to getting all that garden work done.