Thursday, May 08, 2008

sights and sounds

in bloom: marsh marigold, spring beauty, bloodroot, maple

leaves appearing: aspen

bird arrivals: house wren, sedge wren, ovenbird (and probably a few warblers)

frog chorus: spring peepers, Western chorus frogs, wood frogs, toads (well, not here, but 30 miles south of here)

I wish I had more time to write poetically about all these happenings, but lately I feel like George Jetson caught on that treadmill during the closing credits. Life is too busy.


Lynne said...

Life gets that way doesn't it? I'm working on slowing my mind now that I have more time on my hands.

Love the George Jetson visual!

jan m said...

Too bad life can't slow down at springtime. So many things to do, and the season is flying by already. Hope you enjoy this day!