Monday, May 05, 2008

biggest tadpole ever

Calvin made me go all the way out to the pond this afternoon to see this. A monster size tadpole! It had hind frog legs already, but no front legs yet. I think it's a green frog, but he was wondering if we had bullfrogs around here. Not that I know of.

I don't know what made me more happy, the tadpole, or the thought that my son still enjoys going out and catching tadpoles.


pablo said...

You're raising that boy right!

Lynne said...

Add to that the fact that he was excited to show it to you!

Lynne said...

Maybe it'll grow up to be "Swamp Thing"!!!!

RuthieJ said...

That is one HUGE tadpole!! I still like seeing even the little ones, but don't get many chances. You're fortunate to have that nice pond right there for everyone to enjoy.

barefoot gardener said...'s a mutant! I have definitely been watching too many freaky alien movies lately, cuz that pic just gave me the creepy crawlies. Normally tadpoles don't, but that thing is HUGE.

BurdockBoy said...

Wow that's big. I've never heard of bullfrogs up that way, but who knows.

Hope spring is springing back there.

Anonymous said...

Nature is awesome. I hope it holds a special interest for him always!
ps- I forgot to put momadness on a post the other day so it came in solely as anonymous.I need to remember to sign these-sorry.

Floridacracker said...

Never outgrow tadpole wonder.
That one's a beauty, and Sally, well, she's just sheer joy in that pic.

Deb said...

Pablo- Sometimes I feel he's turning out good in spite of me.

Lynne- He absolutely insisted I come out there, so I knew it was a special discovery. Yeah, it could be "Swamp Thing!"

RuthieJ- It's amazing how many tadpole encounters we have. The frogs are really making noise tonight, continuing the cycle.

Barefoot- I was amazed when I saw it.

Burdockboy- I've heard of scattered reports of bullfrogs, but they're mainly in the southeastern tip of the state.

Spring, although slow in coming, is finally springing.

Momadness- I think having a place where nature is so easily accessible makes a big difference. I think the bond has already formed. :)

FC- I haven't outgrown it; in fact, I find more wonder in nature every day.

Sally is definitely the water dog of the family. She can sense when someone is preparing to go out to the pond, and if someone puts on a swimsuit she absolutely goes crazy.