Tuesday, May 13, 2008

proud mama moments

#1- Calvin informed us, quite nonchalantly, that he got the best score on the standardized math test for the entire elementary school!

#2- Starflower is, at this moment, engrossed in reading Edward Abbey's A Voice Crying In The Wilderness, which is a collection of short quotes from his longer works. She picked it up herself from our abbreviated library we keep here in the cabin. Dang, I didn't get a proper introduction to Abbey until I was 19! And, I have not seen her look so involved in her reading for a long time. I hope we can have some great discussions about this!

Starflower and I saw a bobolink today as we were driving home from work and volleyball. First of year for me, and still very unexpected every time I see one around here. When I was driving Mr. Attitude to school this morning we saw a bittern "freezing" by the side of the road. So much life around here.


barefoot gardener said...

Oh, my gosh....first in the whole school?!

That is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

You have a genius on your hands, woman.

Deb said...

Barefoot- Yup, a genius. :) Which may explain why he wasn't finishing and turning in assignments earlier this year. I think he was just bored with the repetition.

I am really not worthy. My kids do great things in spite of me!

cindy said...

Deb, congrats to Calvin!!! Math no less!! Way to go!!

Carolyn H said...

Kudos to Starflower! I don't remember when I first read Ed Abbey, but I know I wasn't 8!

Carolyn H.

Deb said...

Cindy- I agree, math is hard. I had straight A's in math until high school.

Carolyn- She has made it known that the next Edward Abbey she wants to read is The Monkey Wrench Gang. Such an anarchist, my Starflower. :)