Saturday, March 18, 2006

spring cleaning

I had the urge today.

The urge to clean, that is.

I'm not posting pictures, lest anyone actually find out how hideously small this place is to begin with. It is small, and it was cluttered, and that clutteredness sent me into mental tormentitude. I need some semblance of simplicity and order. So, armed with the Shop Vac and two wastebaskets, I set out to find order.

The Shop Vac now contains the bodies, living or otherwise, of probably a thousand Asian beetles that were clustered in the windows. Not to mention other unmentionable residues. Lets just say it had a workout today. And it just may contain the occasional Lego or spare penny or other such treasure. I don't care. And the house is as clean as it has been in months.

I also took the bold step of taking out the winter jackets and coats of the adults in this house. I don't picture myself wearing my long Indian blanket wool coat any more this year, nor will The Hermit have reason to don his Carharrt insulated coveralls to do chores. It is nearly spring, after all.

I got into one major battle along the way; Calvin was utterly distressed by the fact that I had changed the sheets on his bed. So distressed, that we reverted to the original ones. I don't know, I still claim Asperger's runs in the family. Resistance to change, major symptom.

My stepdaughter came for dinner. My totally cool stepdaughter, who is on her last day of spring break from graduate school (environmental studies) in Nebraska. We all enjoyed her visit.

Starflower is a little under the weather; she is sleeping on the couch with a fever. Poor girl.

I will post a picture of Sally, the rapidly growing puppy, tomorrow. Smart dog, she is.


Endment said...

Oh- oh.... I am inspired

Floridacracker said...

It does build up doesn't it?
Sorry Starflower feels crummy. I hope she improves quickly. Fevers are no fun.
Puppy pics....hooray!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

What a great day it must have been, taking those winter coats out, and putting them away. Yippee! Hope Starflower is on the mend.