Wednesday, March 01, 2006

sick kid, it breaks my heart

Calvin has been home from school for two days now with some gastro bug. Fortunately he hasn't puked since early this morning, but the dizziness, headache, and fever are still there.

I, as his mom, feel totally helpless. I can't even find the thermometer, not that I need to because I know when he has a fever. All I can do is give him some Advil once in a while. I thought he was feeling better this afternoon, but then I saw him go listless and cover up in blankets and I knew the fever was coming on again. Rats.

Update: We went to the doctor today. It's always a judgment call, in your gut you know it's just some viral thing and you feel kind of stupid going to the doc, but at the same time you feel like a bad parent if you don't at least check it out. So I spent the $20 copay (and the $80 deductible, which will show up later) to find out that it's just some viral thing. We couldn't get in to our regular doctor so we saw a nice young woman doctor, fresh out of med school no doubt and probably 7 months pregnant, and she did well in investigating, I think she even tried to make me feel like the visit was worthwhile. And Mr. Attitude was at his finest; I let him stay in the playroom they have in the waiting area while we went into the examining room, only to find him wandering the rat maze of hallways twenty minutes later trying to find us. Then I would not let him go back to the playroom while we waited for test results, and he had a complete meltdown. Oh well.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

Sending get well wishes to Calvin. So sorry to hear how sick he's been feeling.

Dave said...

It's a gut thing. Figuring that out. Wait till he goes to college and is sick a long way from home. My son got strep in January about 6 hours away.

Funny, it did not seem to matter that he is 19 and has a sleep in girlfriend. Still my kid.


Floridacracker said...

I hope that little guy gets well soon.