Thursday, March 30, 2006


I awoke early this morning to something I had not heard for months; the sound of raindrops on the roof. It stayed well above freezing last night, so this rain will help to wash away what's left of the snow and ice. Sand Creek is running high from all of the recent snowmelt, although it's not flooding as of yet. Although the pond is still definitely ice covered, water is flowing out the outflow culvert. When the pond froze last fall, it was after a heavy rainfall and the water level was very high.

Goldfinches, purple finches, juncos and evening grosbeaks were making a lot of noise this morning, but the song I enjoyed most was that of a robin perched high in a treetop. Although I had seen robins over a week ago, this was the first robin song I heard.

Yesterday it seemed bluebirds were everywhere, which is unusual for this place; they generally prefer more open areas. I guess if you count marsh and alder swamp as open area, we do have a lot of that. On my to-do list this year (as if it isn't long enough already) I want to plan and put up bluebird nest boxes, near the garden and also across the creek where I saw bluebirds two days ago. The creek would also be a good spot for a wood duck box or two.


Jane said...

Here is Missouri I have seen bluebirds (our state bird) for two weeks now. They are my favorite. Just this morning I looked on the web for bluebird next boxes as I too would love to have a few in the back yard.

I really enjoy your site, thank you for putting the time and effort in to it! I am a Brainerd native.

pablo said...

Your descriptions make me want to be there to see it all. I hope you'll give us some photos of Sand Creek full of water.

doubleknot said...

Like pablo your descriptions just take me there.
In your other post I can see you garden in raised beds - I used to do that too. Now adays it is a few flowers in pots but I am still growing something.
Thank you for sharing the eagle story - there was a reason for you to walk in the mud.

Deb said...

Thanks, and it's nice to hear from you Jane and doubleknot! I wrote this as kind of a hurried, "gotta say something" post, so I'm almost surprised to get such nice comments. :)

pablo- a picture of the creek is on the way.