Saturday, March 25, 2006

go hawks

I normally am oblivious to sports, especially prep team sports. But I just found out my alma mater Robbinsdale Cooper is in the state 4A (biggest schools) boys basketball championship for the first time in thirty years. My mom's hometown team, Braham, won the 2A title this afternoon. Cooper plays for the title tonight; I don't know if I will be able to watch it here, or if I will be able to watch my other secret favorite sport, figure skating (World Championships).

by the way...isn't that cool, the Cooper Hawks? Although I bet not a member of the team has seen a live Cooper's hawk. Where I live right now, it's the East Central Eagles, another cool mascot. I could not relate to the Lions or the Tigers or something that does not exist here. Minnesota professional sports teams have done well lately, naming the Timberwolves (basketball) and the generic Wild (hockey, although I much preferred the North Stars. )

I really don't know if I would be able to pay attention to a full basketball game. I played basketball in junior high, until I realized I basically sucked at basketball, and was much more cut out to be the flute player in the pep band in the stands. I hate watching basketball, either live or on TV. Too much action, too fast; baseball is more my pace.

Nevertheless, I wish them luck. When I was in high school we were the perennial last place team in the conference. I had the coach for a teacher in algebra, and his teaching skills were on par with his coaching skills.

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Floridacracker said...

Regarding your last paragraph. When I first decided to switch careers from Ranger to Teacher, my first interview at a high school went something like this...

Me: I'm here about the science teacher position.

Principal: Well, can you coach baseball? We really need a baseball coach and anybody can teach science.

Me: No, I never played the game and would never coach something I'm not good at, but I feel I could be a really good science teacher.

Principal: Well, we are really looking for a basebal coach...

Me: Thank you for your time. I'm not your man.

That was an eye-opening experience for me regarding priorities at many schools. Sad thing is, those priorities are driven by the community...not the teachers.

Good luck to your alma mater!