Thursday, March 23, 2006

signs of spring/sightings

It's starting to look a lot like spring here; the major indicator is the driveway which is appearing from under a crust of snow. I know better than to even try to wash my car until things dry up a bit; right now there are mudholes and puddles in various places. It is much improved from last year, however, when I could not even drive all the way back to the house.

Another indicator is the chicken yard, which is a mudhole. Since I have an unexpected day at home with two sick boys (who aren't quite sick enough to not play video games!) I may go out there and try to scrape up some old hay or other cover to make things less messy. The geese and duck don't seem to mind though.

Male red winged blackbirds are beginning to take their places on old cattail stems and shrubs, claiming their territories before the females arrive a couple weeks later. I saw my first kestrel yesterday, and robins and bluebirds are appearing here and there.

In one of those "if I only had the camera ready" moments, I saw three bald eagles perched in one tree, their white heads brilliant in the sun. Then, Calvin exclaimed from the passenger seat, "There's another one in the air!" Sure enough, a fourth was soaring nearby.

In another "missed camera opportunity" I got a good view of a northern shrike perched in a shrub by the side of the road. I very rarely see these.


Lynne said...

You're making me crazy to get 'up north' to the little piece of woods we bought north of Cromwell. Hasty Brook runs through it so we call the place "Hasty". We had a little driveway and electric put in last fall, so we look foreward to camping alot this summer. Bring on spring!!'s snowing right now :(

madcapmum said...

I saw a fly the other day, buzzing amongst the snowdrifts. I suppose that's a "sign of spring", but not the most welcome one.

Gwyn said...

Ah yes, those missed camera opportunities, my life is full of them. However, down where I am, I've had a few good Eagle opportunities. Like today, when a kettle of probably 50 came gliding high over the bay where I was watching gulls. I even had a camera in hand--but all I could do was just watch and say "Wow!"

It's been slow in coming, but come it will.