Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a blessing

At least that's how I see it.

I had to get to the post office by 4:00 to mail something. Calvin and Starflower were out front already, where I had parked the car, with Sally. Mr. Attitude was looking for his boots; he thought he maybe left them out in the mudhole we call our parking area, which is why I parked the car out front. Since he had no alternative footwear handy, I grudgingly agreed to go out to the mudhole to look for the boots. I saw them, ten feet out into the mud. As I was making my way out there, I looked up just in time to see a bald eagle gliding low, just ten feet above the upper floor of the new house. It headed out towards the chicken coop, which created no small ruckus, then off over the tamaracks towards the creek. I was breathless. Wow.

A second later I heard the excited shouts of Calvin and Starflower: "Let's go tell Mom! Mom, we saw a huge eagle! Its wings were ten feet across!"

Could it be anything but a blessing on this wonderful spring day?

Update: Another blessing, this time at 4 am when I was taking the puppy outside. The first woodcock of spring, peenting in the dark!


clairesgarden said...

thats amazing, though the chickens obviously didn't think so! I love the picture of all your vegetable beds emerging from the snow, I can just imaginge it overflowing with green!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Yay! An eagle flying right over your new house. What an auspicious moment.

I also really like your garden emerging from winter. Things really are looking up!

Cindy said...

any sighting of an eagle is a blessing, no matter where/when we see them..
I can't wait to hear/see timberdoodles (woodcock) again. Won't be long now.
Got those bluebird boxes up yet? ;)

and a belated happy birthday!

Endment said...

your word pictures bring smiles.

Delightful serendipities for your day.