Tuesday, March 07, 2006

blogging about blogging

It's almost spring, and time for a little housecleaning on the sidebar. My blogroll was getting quite large, so I thought I'd break it into categories. Easier said than done. For one thing, I find that I am quite narrow-minded in the types of blogs I read; they all have something to do with nature, appreciating nature, living in harmony with nature, gardening, homesteading, living more simply, etc. A lot of blogs I read, like the types of music I listen to, seem to defy any conventional categorization. I thought "Towards a saner lifestyle" might be a good category, until I realized that all of the blogs fell under that heading, so if you're on the list you are now officially a "Blogger For A More Sane Existence". Even though I question the sanity of some, myself included.

The subcategories are "Food for Thought", "The Art of Seeing", "Nature and Place", and "Homegrown". Again, a lot of blogs could fit more than one or all of these categories. It was a judgment call for me. I don't even know which one of these I would file Sand Creek Almanac under.

I also wanted to call your attention to the most recent addition, under "Homegrown", Raising Frolic . I had seen it once or twice courtesy of Liz at Pocket Farm, but I didn't realize until Gina commented here yesterday that Raising Frolic was another northern Minnesota blog. Through email I found out we probably live within sixty miles or so of each other. Woo-hoo, a local blogger!!! And a very good read; check it out.


Nio said...

One of the blogs I read recently lives in the next town. It was very weird when we realized it.

TroutGrrrl said...

Way to think outside the blog box Deb! You may categorize my blog anytime!

pablo said...

I just want to point out that if there is any acting up in the Nature and Place section, it will be the doings of the Cracker, not me!

clairesgarden said...

blogging has been a nice way to 'meet' like minded people. we have our own version of sane and we all fit in, great!!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I like how you categorized things here. I've been trying to do that at our place. I never came up with anything nearly as interesting as your headings. Great job!

Deb said...

Nio- the interaction between blogging and real life is strange sometimes. I have one friend close by who checks in daily, so when I see him it's like I don't have to tell him what's going on in my life, and I think my sister in law (Hermit's sister) reads now too so I have to watch what I say about family!

pablo- you keep that Cracker in line, okay?

I'm glad you guys like it. It makes it easier for me to check up on everyone, since I link from here and not my browser, and visually I like things in smaller groups rather than a long list.