Sunday, December 25, 2005

wild + crazy = christmas

Well, it's on the downside/relaxation stage. The kids are playing with new toys, fighting with each other, the stepkids have come and gone, and we enjoyed a delicious meal and company. Here's the whole crew:

From left to right: Sarah (my stepdaughter, age 23), Joe (Mr. Attitude, sleeping), Tom (my stepson, age 21), Abby (Tom's longtime girlfriend, age 20) Nina (Starflower), Vincent (Calvin), and Ryan (my stepson, age 26). Nice looking group, aren't they?

Oh, and this is Boner, Ryan's bulldog. Yeah I know, nice name. All I know is, his hair is way too short for Minnesota winters.

The kids are all thrilled with toys, which to my great delight include a baseball/video game which involves swinging a bat dangerously close to the TV and Christmas tree, a Furby, electronic stuffed toy that talks and actually learns your name, and a Nerf dart gun game (projectiles in close quarters...Yay!) Starflower also got her own digital camera. The prize present, in my opinion, was a personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat that Calvin got from his grandparents. He is rapidly becoming Mr. Baseball.

I've decided that Christmas Day is for the kids. The day after Christmas is my relaxation day. :)


pablo said...

Looks like you had a fine day with a fine family. Our whole family was here aside from #1 Son, who is in Kenya with the Peace Corps for the next two years.

I'm with you though. I'm ready for a bit of routine to return. In fact, I'm going in to work on Monday (I had the day off) just for some peace and quiet (I hope).

Dave said...

Hey Deb,

My belief is that christmas day when the kids are the age of you kids is for the kids, and for you. But the for you bit is for you in 10 years. The smiles that come to mind as you think back or see them grown etc. My youngest is 14 my oldest is 19 with one girl in between. The day gets easier, but each moment is cherished more because we see them as almost on the way out. The oldest goes to college now. But I look at him, and smile remembering the christmas he was 3. The christmas the girl was 8. And the last two years the youngest was the great age.

BTW, they still all sleep together on christmas eve.

It's all good (and tireing :-)

Your crew looks great, relax tomorrow.

I am sitting here drinking a scotch and breaking out my copy of "The future of ice"

Peace to you and yours.

Oh and Pablo, if your #1 son is in the peace core, you did something (most likely a lot of things) right. Good job!

peace and love to you all.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

That is quite a beautiful family. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, and how lovely that you all gathered together. No one in my family saw each other. We're all miles and miles apart. So, it's heartwarming to see your crew all together.

Floridacracker said...

What a great flock. Everybody looks happy to be there.
About the dog's name, I have a good friend from highschool named "Boner". It was a nickname of course, but it's all we ever called him. Now he's a lawyer and I have to bite my tongue and call him by his real name in public.