Thursday, December 08, 2005

the ultimate irony (well maybe not the ultimate, but irony nonetheless)

100% organic cotton "yoga pants", $15 at Sam's Club (aka Evil Sam's).

I am now wearing a pair, and darn it if they aren't the most comfortable pants I've worn in a while.

Hermit and Attitude went to Sam's today. Glad I wasn't there. We maintain a membership at Sam's, just because their prices on perceived staples for us (milk, cheese, and bacon) are too low to beat. For anything else, I maintain Sam's is a ripoff. Being forced to buy in bulk quantity, with all the excess packaging, for something I don't need a huge amount of, is robbery.

However, there are certain offers that are too tempting to resist. Starflower needed a winter jacket ASAP, and there were none to be found at the local thrift stores. Sam's had one for less than $30. It has a zipper that is less than to be desired sometimes, but where else can you outfit kids for Arctic cold for less?

And my yoga pants. And my Jones jeans. Durable, comfortable, and by my standards, stylish (very loose standards there!) What am I supposed to do, wait until someone gets tired of theirs and donates them to the thrift store? A thrift store is a crap shoot at best. I have found great values there (REI Polarfleece vest for Starflower, $2) but the selection leaves something to be desired in my size.

So here I am. Maybe I'll take up yoga now that I'm outfitted. :)


Eleutheros said...

The thing I found about Sam's in general was this: The prices were cheaper, but mostly on expensive name brands that I wasn't going to buy anyway. They would have Lee jeans for $28 instead of the $36 or $50 that other stores had them, but the regular Mart had their own brand for $7. They'd have a case (no make that pallet) of Lipton tea which came out to only $1.40 a box, but the store brand in the regular Mart (packed by Lipton, by the bye) was 78 cents.

Sure Sam's is cheaper. But in general it's a trick.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

We don't have a Sam's around here, but those 100% cotton yoga pants sound great. I love comfy pants like that. I try to shop the thrift stores too. Every now and then, though, I do go and buy a new pair of jeans. I basically hate to shop and put it off for as long as possible.

shannon said...

I live in yoga pants, day in and day out!

Floridacracker said...

I confess to really liking Sam's.
Hit their bakery and get the granny smith apple pie with lattice crust...