Thursday, December 01, 2005

heat, birds, and more gigs

Heat: The Hermit got another $35 load of wood today. He estimates that one load lasts us one month under these conditions, so it's a very economical source of heat. Also, our indoor propane heater arrived, the one The Hermit bought on Ebay, so if we're gone for a while the place won't freeze, it will be kept comfortably warm.

Birds: According to Hermit, and I wish I was here to see it, the pine grosbeaks arrived today. While he was unloading the wood from the truck, the grosbeaks perched above him, chirping, as if to say "We're here, and we've noticed the feeder is quite empty." He took care of it, and with any luck I will see a few grosbeaks before I have to leave for work tomorrow. Also, the deer made an appearance, as is becoming habit. The Hermit purposefully spilled a few sunflower seeds on the ground for them.

More gigs: I had the chance to play music with Fred today. Starflower had her school Christmas music program (and yes they did call it "Christmas"), and a Girl Scout meeting after school, so it made sense that I not waste gasoline driving back to work or home in between, since school, and Fred's house, are between work and home. My soul is always nourished by sharing music with others, particularly talented others. While we were playing, the owner of the place we played before called up and booked us for December 23rd and January 6th, both Friday nights. Awesome! That gives me something to look forward to in these dark pre-Solstice nights.


madcapmum said...

Does this mean we can look forward to another audio clip? Please, huh?

pablo said...

". . . and I wish I was here to see it."

How can you not be "here"? I am so confused.

Deb said...

ummmm, because I was not "here" at the time, but by the time I wrote this post I was "here". But maybe I was only half "here", as evidenced by my fuzzy grammar. Anyhow...I wished I had been there to see it.

madcap-I'll see what I can do about more audio. We didn't record anything yesterday, mainly because we both felt we were so rusty and out of practice, but some good musical things were starting to happen towards the end.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Glad to hear you have some gigs lined up. That should keep those creative juices flowing.

I'm going to look up pine grosbeaks to see what they look like. We get the black-headed grosbeaks here. I love when they show up at the feeder. They're gone now, won't see them again until late spring.

Dave said...

Its like reading thoreau a bit. The wood and economics. Maybe not the music bit but that makes it you.

Of course when you read thoreau you don;t get the comments from others.