Tuesday, December 27, 2005

robin dreams

Ever have one of those experiences where you can't quite remember later if it was a dream or if it was reality?

I thought I saw a robin here at home on Christmas day. I remember the exact place I saw it, at the beginning of the trail that leads from the cabin out to the front of our property. But later, thinking back about it, I could not remember if I had actually seen it, in which case I think I would have gone running inside, yelling like a lunatic. A robin on Christmas Day! Usually they are gone until the first day of spring, which is also my birthday. Days later, I still cannot determine if it was dream or reality.

But yesterday, it was reality. I definitely saw a robin, and even have The Hermit as witness. It was not where I saw it in my dream/Christmas vision; it was along a road about a mile and a half from our house. We even saw it twice; at about 10:30 AM and 4 PM.

So where does that leave the Christmas robin? Was it a dream? If so, was my dream actually a foretelling of the sighting yesterday? If it was, was it purely coincidence, or do some of my dreams come to me as visions of the future? That could be scary; it means I may be going back to high school, being late for class, and somehow forgetting I was taking a particular class (Physics or Calculus) until the week before finals. I have that one often.

Note: This post is an example of what gray, dreary weather, staying indoors all day with the kids, and taking Tylenol with codeine can do to a person. I apologize, and promise to do some real writing soon.


thingfish23 said...

Don't forget - codeine can also provide some high quality constipation along with those pesky hallucinations. So get yer fibers in, okay?

Deb said...

Thank you Father Thingfish, advice duly noted. Never had to wrestle with that particular demon before, but will take precautions. :)

madcapmum said...

As so many of the elders have been trying to bang into my skull, time is All One. So, if you saw a robin today, you also saw it two days ago, and if you thought you saw it two days ago, it's only because your psychic foot slipped through the loose weave of the space/time continuum and you were peeking ahead to today. Which isn't ahead at all, because it's All One.

I think you need some kind of Chemical Enhancement to understand this stuff. I shall now go administer a special time/space unifier to myself and see if I can get a glimpse of your robins. My particular recipe calls for brandy and peach juice and cream, and the heavier-handed you are with the brandy, the more robins you're apt to see. Shall report back with an efficacy summary.

Deb said...

So that explains it...once again the wisdom of Madcap comes through! And that sounds like a good recipe for enhancement, although after a few I may well be seeing Birds of Paradise flying by! :)

Chris O'Byrne said...

Good thing the Robin wasn't on codeine... can you imagine what it's blog would look like! :)

I have to say, this gray weather is




Eleutheros said...

Now, now, Deb,

One robin does not a springtime make

One swallow's no summer at all

But oh the times that just one lark

Has lead to many a fall!!

Stephen Vitali said...

Who are you quoting? I can not for the life of me remember.