Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Deb goes digital!!!

I got it today, my digital camera! Woo-hoo! For those wondering, it's a Canon Powershot A-520. In an incredibly out-of-character move for me, I braved the crowds at Best Buy Co. in Duluth, although I was glad I had researched things ahead of time and didn't have to stand at the counter trying to compare models. So far it's incredibly easy to operate, although it has manual controls for when I'm feeling more creative. As soon as I got home of course the kids wanted to play with it, so we have some miscellaneous kid and cat photos taken, all appearing to be very good. And why is it that the kids can figure out more controls and features than I can? I don't have what it takes tonight to load the software and upload photos, but I'll try tomorrow. My first impression: digital photography is a lot more fun than film, because you have instant results. I've already erased a few less-than-flattering self portraits. ;)

This is different for me. I have not experienced wanting to buy something, for a long time, then actually going out and buying it. I just don't buy things if I can help it!


madcapmum said...

Frab-jabulous! I can hardly wait!

pablo said...

I'm already enjoying your new camera. I can hear the smile in your written words! I'm happy that you're happy, and I look forward to all sorts of photos in the years to come.

Floridacracker said...

It's okay. You are allowed to buy something fun and enjoy the experience.

When I buy some new gizmo, I often hand it to Emma, my techie daughter and let her find the bells and whistles.

Looking forward to a flood of photos.
I heard on the Weather Channel that a town in MN ...International Falls, has an average temperature of 36 degrees! Gee Whiz! How can they stand it? It's 35 here today.

Jim said...


Every girl with a family needs a camera.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Much love to you and yours.

lené said...

Rock on! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your world, Deb. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your new goody.