Friday, December 09, 2005

Whorled Leaves

I just realized I have not made any mention on this blog about a new cooperative blogging venture I am involved in, Whorled Leaves. Lene at Counting Petals had the wonderful idea of getting together a few bloggers who share a common interest in the outdoors and nature writing. We all feel pretty much like old friends anyway, we read and comment on each others' blogs fairly often. But Whorled Leaves gives us a chance to explore the craft of writing, share info, tips, and writing exercises, and once a month one member chooses (with some group consensus) a book that we all read and discuss. This month, courtesy of the dharma bum, it's Sigurd Olson's The Lonely Land. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit, as a Minnesotan and fan of nature writing, I had only read one other book by Olson, Listening Point. I am several chapters into The Lonely Land now, a fascinating account of a canoe expedition down the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan, and I am rediscovering Olson's powerful prose. My reading today inspired some thoughts which I posted on Whorled Leaves; check it out!

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