Tuesday, November 10, 2009

warm November days

The pond has had a skim of ice on it a couple of mornings, maybe even today, although I did not take a close look on the way back from bringing Starflower to meet the bus. It was 24 degrees, so it could have happened. But by afternoon, with the temperature approaching 60, the ice was most certainly gone. Sally enjoyed it.

I stayed home with Mr. Attitude today, since he had a fever and sore throat. It was one of those throats that makes you wince when you hear him cough or try to talk. He seemed better after I gave him a Ricola cough drop. (Can you hear the alpenhorn in the distance?) I made him homemade chicken soup for lunch, with fresh sage, garlic and thyme. I am becoming a firm believer in the healing powers of herbs and chicken soup. I'm sure no small part of it is the care and love that goes into making the soup. He is napping now. I'll probably keep him home tomorrow as well, since I have the day off anyway.

update- it looks as if Starflower and possibly Calvin may be joining us at home tomorrow. More chicken soup is on order!


Madcap said...

Sorry to hear the troops are flagging. Are you sure they're not just faking so they can get in on the good cooking? (Just kidding!)

Jayne said...

Oh my... sending more virtual chicken soup Deb!

Deb said...

Thursday night update: Calvin went to school today, Mr. Attitude may be good for tomorrow, but Starflower is going to have a long weekend... hopefully everyone will be good to go by Monday.