Tuesday, November 03, 2009

entering the dark days

The one thing I like about the "fall back" to standard time is waking up after morning has broken. To me, there is something unnatural about waking in the wee hours of the morning when everything is dark.

Maybe that is just an issue of mine that goes back to the days when they still let kids have newspaper routes, and my brother subcontracted part of his route to me. The alarm would ring at 4:30 or some ungodly hour like that, and by 5 I would have my papers counted and loaded into a canvas delivery sack, and I hit the street. In the summer it wasn't so bad, but in the dark of fall and winter I don't know how I did it. Houses that looked questionable during daylight hours were terrifying in the dark. And Lord knows, if the wrong person knew that a sixteen year old girl was walking a paper route, showing up at the same place at a predictable time...the thought didn't cross my naive mind then, but I swear there must have been an angel watching over me.

I never think about the paper route days any more. Funny how something that was so much a part of my consciousness back then never even shows up in my dreams. But I still don't like getting out of bed before the break of dawn.

This morning there was a beautiful moon shining through the huge west-facing window by my bed. The nice thing about the dark side of the year is that the moon does not hide itself behind the pines in our southern view.

I forgot to mention in my beach post, during the Wednesday drive I saw my first small flock of snow buntings for the season.

And now, totally off topic, why am I suddenly getting so many blog hits for the search terms "ugliest flower ever"?


Lausten North said...

The moon set has been beautiful these past couple mornings.

Carolyn H said...

The Hunter's moon is lovely here in PA right now. The sky is clear, and the leaves are down, and moonlight bathes the woods. I missed that during the summer.

And I don' t like getting up before there's at least a hint of light in the east, either.

Carolyn H.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Snow Buntings? No WAY!

Deb said...

LN- I have a beautiful view of it out the window at the head of my bed. It is Joe's room, but ours isn't finished yet so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Carolyn- it's funny how we don't see the full moon during the summer. Here it's hidden among the tall pines.

Lynne- In southern Aitkin County. They're on the move! And I saw a beautiful rough legged hawk today.

RuthieJ said...

We get up at 4 AM for work and leave the house @ 5:00 -- thank God I'm a morning person! I really enjoy those few months during the summer when there's light in the sky during our drive to work.