Friday, November 06, 2009

a few more walleye, and deer season

I'll admit, I did not sit down at the computer knowing what I was going to post, and I really don't feel like writing anything. I came home early with the vague feeling that something wasn't quite right with me. I even went into the living room and turned on Emeril, just because I could and I certainly wasn't going to go running. I took my temperature and it registered at 98.6, which for me is a full degree above normal. I don't even feel like drinking beer. Why does this have to happen on the weekend?

Maybe it's the mom guilt. Calvin was complaining of a scratchy throat when he woke up, which I reassured him would be fine once he drank something. Wood stoves tend to promote dry atmospheres. I insisted he go to school, partly because I was second guessing my decision to leave Mr. Attitude home yesterday, and partly because Calvin had spent a couple questionable sick days home already. I told him he could always go to the nurse's office if he wasn't feeling right.

Of course the school nurse called me at work a little after 9 AM. I had a work thing I could not get out of, but I called The Hermit and he could pick Calvin up. They ended up going to Duluth, getting Calvin's first ever deer license and eating a 1/3 pound burger for lunch. Sore throat indeed. But did I mention our immune systems seem to be functioning pretty well.

Meanwhile, I ended up driving over a hundred miles following a fish stocking truck around to several lakes. The state contracts out some of its walleye stocking to vendors now, but authorized personnel (me) have to be around when the fish go into the lake. I don't know what to think about fish stocking anymore, but I kind of like my paycheck. Which came today, hooray.

No music tonight. I'm thinking if I can just drag myself up to bed that will be enough. It is nice that we don't need a fire in the wood stove tonight since the temperature almost made 60 in the afternoon. It is nice that the weekend forecast shows more of the same. Of course, I never enjoy the first weekend of deer season around here. During my travels today I passed several bars, and the parking lots were extremely crowded for the time of day. The freeway was busy with citdiots and their trailers with four wheelers, and I'm even thinking running this weekend might be a bad idea. Ah, deer season.


Madcap said...

Sorry to hear your immune system is being put to the test. I hope the bug is vanquished by morning.

cherylhotton said...

Hope you are feeling better Deb . There is always nasty bugs floating around at this time of the year . The bain of my existance around here is moose hunting season so I can sympathise with you about deer season .

Floridacracker said...

Hope you come out of it soon!

citdiots ... LOL!

Pablo said...

His first deer license! Fantastic. Wish him luck for me.

As for fish stocking, you really need to direct that truck to may little lake at Roundrock. I'd prefer catfish, bluegill, and bass, but I'll take whatever you can fool them into dumping.

Deb said...

Thanks for the wishes. The bug, whatever it was, proved to be no competition for my immune system. I even went to Wal Mart this morning..yikes!

Pablo- That is really a rite of passage, one I never experienced when I was growing up.

The wallys probably would be too wimpy for your pond, but catfish, bluegill and bass sound like a winning combo!