Monday, November 02, 2009

November daily blog challenge

It's Madcap's fault. My longtime blogging friend from Alberta decided to challenge herself to post every day in November. That was good news to me, since I enjoy her writing and her bold determination to go after the life she and her family want. So I commented with my approval, and added the idea that maybe I should take up the challenge myself. She was enthusiastic about the idea, so I'm in!

It's not that I have a paucity of ideas to write about. On the contrary, my brain has been in overdrive lately. Call it an awakening, a spiritual shift in consciousness, or whatever. My main obstacle to writing lately has been the need to wrestle my preteen kids for computer time. Oh for a laptop.

Tonight I capped off my 2009 gardening effort by canning 7 pints of salsa. When you consider I harvested most of my tomatoes in the fully green stage since they didn't ripen on schedule in this incredibly cool summer and I had to rescue them from frost, 7 pints plus a lot of slicers is a respectable yield. Overall I had a good gardening year, considering it was cooler than normal AND I had a doe who was attracted to certain crops. Payback time is coming... But I had great harvests of garlic and onions, carrots did well, and I grew more kale and Swiss chard than I could eat. I even had a fairly good crop of potatoes, though I decided my 4x4 raised potato beds need to go for two reasons: I can grow potatoes just as well in the 4x8 beds, and the kids need more space for their baseball field. :) As for canned goods, I have blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry jam, crabapple jelly, chicken broth, and zucchini pickles. I canned more this year than I have in a long time.

We are entering the season of long dark, accentuated by the change back to standard time. It's nice to wake up to a setting full moon in the first rays of daylight, but depressing to realize sunset happens when I arrive home.

Well, this is a start. If I'm going to be rambling about stuff every day this month, I better not let too much out at once. :)


Madcap said...

Yahoo! I'm not alone! And it's good to hear that your brain is in overdrive - I'm hoping to jumpstart mine.

7 pints of salsa? Isn't a pint quite a lot? I'll have to go look at what that is in litres. I'll bet it was all your own vegetables too, huh?

My garden was almost a complete write-off this year, but I got 30 lbs of beets from the local Co-op and finally finished processing those today. My kitchen looks like a murder scene.

Pablo said...

Ramble away. I keep coming back.

Deanna said...

Hey, the garlic, onions, and carrots will go great with doe.

Floridacracker said...

Looking forward to this month at Sand Creek!

Deb said...

Madcap- I think a pint is a little bit less than half a liter, if I am correct in thinking that a quart is a little bit less than a liter. Which brings to mind a question: Do they sell metric canning jars in Canada?

Those were mostly my vegetables, except for the jalapeno peppers and cilantro, both of which I had the best intentions of growing, but timing is everything. And, your "murder scene" description of your beet-bloodied kitchen had me laughing! I must grow more beets next year.

Pablo- I am grateful for your loyal readership.

Deanna- Ah, I forgot to put in for a doe permit, but if my son gets her it's ok I guess.

FC- It will be a challenge, but you and Pablo do it all the time!

cherylhotton said...

I for one am very glad to hear you will be posting everyday . A litre is 17 ozs . I am from Canada too .