Sunday, November 08, 2009

November woods

This morning, after the end of a brief rain storm that had interrupted Calvin's deer hunting, he asked me if I would like to see his hunting spot. I had absolutely nothing more important going on, so off we went.

I really don't get out in our woods often enough these days. This is a spot just south of the cabin, in a grove of white and red pine. There were signs of deer everywhere in the carpet of pine needles. Calvin was thinking of using the fallen pine as a blind.

Since I had last been to this area, which was roughly one or two months ago, this long deceased pine trunk had broken and fallen to the ground. I'm guessing it made quite a loud noise, if anyone was around to hear it. This tree had been dead for nearly as long as we have owned this land (15 years). Now the fungi and invertebrates and single celled creatures will do their work of turning the wood back into topsoil.

The air was still among the pines, fairly warm for November, and as we stood there silently a feeling of peace came over me. I wanted to just sit there, find a dry spot and sit with the trees for some time, try and reclaim some of what is lost when we stay away from the trees for too long. I want to go hunting now, if for nothing else than to just be outside.

While Calvin and I were enjoying the moment, I noticed this little spruce with a very obvious antler rub! Some of the branches were even sheared off. Calvin can't wait to get out there later this afternoon.


dharma bum said...

"I'm guessing it made quite a loud noise, if anyone was around to hear it."

Wonderful reference to that old Zen question. :)

I could feel the peace in that spot through your words. Great writing lately, keep it up!

Caroline said...

As soon as your first picture popped up, my brain said "oh, those are white pines.". And sure enough, you confirmed they were!
Living in the land of ponderosa pines, but growing up in the northeastern woods of the Adirondacks, they are old familiar friends, recognizable in just a glance. Thanks for a quick trip back east.

Deb said...

Dharma Bum- This daily writing challenge I have taken on is a great thing. Writing and music are things that I tend to put into little compartments, but I am a better person if I am exposed to them daily.

Caroline- Yes, white pines! We are surrounded by them here. In fact, they (and the chickadees) are why we bought this land.

RuthieJ said...

That's a nice rub. I would be excited too. Good luck Calvin!

For me, just being able to spend the solitary time in the woods on a nice day is the primary reason I go hunting. Getting a deer is good of course, but that's a lot of work!