Monday, November 30, 2009

so close, and I blew it!!!

I had faithfully been posting every single day during the month of November, as promised. And what did I do? I forgot to post yesterday! Duh! I guess I can offer the excuse that it was Mr. Attitude's birthday, and I was busy with that. I washed dishes, baked a cake and cleaned house in the morning, then in the afternoon one of the several friends he invited came over and they played video games and had a mini party. I was actually happy that even one kid showed up; I had not heard from anyone beforehand so I was afraid it would become a non-event. I think it was just about the right size as it was.

I think blogging (almost) every day in November was a good thing for me. I had some mediocre posts, of course, but I was thinking more about the whole discipline of blogging and I ended up re-kindling the initial enthusiasm I had for it. I realized that I had not run out of ideas, just discipline. When I challenged myself to come up with a post every day I actually had an overabundance of ideas, some of which will have to wait for a later date to come to fruition. But that is good too; some things just need a little time to develop.

My blog traffic has increased somewhat this month, but I do not know if I can attribute that to posting more frequently. A lot of it, I've noticed over the past couple of days, has come from image searches. That tells me I probably need to protect my images more, and I found out it is really easy to watermark them in Picasa.

It is likely that I will have a new blog post the majority of days in December. It is unlikely that I will post every day just because I feel I have to. As always, thanks for reading and commenting!


Richard said...

I think Mr. Attitude's birthday is a good excuse. I has been nice to have you doing all your posts.

Madcap said...

I've enjoyed having something fresh to read (almost!) every day. You were more faithful than I was.

Happy December!

Pablo said...

That daily posting thing . . . only a fool would do that!

cherylhotton said...

I enjoyed each and every post .

Lausten North said...

I count it as completed, well done. I just heard a "Speaking of Faith" on education. It said discipline is more important than intelligence quotient. Of course you have IQ too, so, um, well done!

Deb said...

Richard- It was a good time. I think every kid deserves to have a good birthday.

Madcap- I enjoyed reading your thoughts too. Thanks for inspiring me!

Pablo- Yes, only a fool who has managed to keep the rest of the blogging world in the dark about building a dream cabin! Congratulations!

Cheryl Hotton- Thank you, I am glad to hear that.

Lausten North- Yeah, I've learned rather late in life that it all amounts to self discipline. I think 29/30 isn't that bad! :)