Friday, January 27, 2006

a walk in town

I had to buy lunch today; normally I bring in leftovers from home but there wasn't much of anything left over in the refrigerator. The town where I work is along the freeway halfway between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth, so there are several fast food options out by the interchange. However, my office is located over a mile away from Fast Food Row. Getting fast food necessarily involves driving, and I already drive nearly thirty miles one way to get to work, so I like to avoid any further unneccessary use of my car. The grocery store, three blocks away, has some pretty good deli sandwiches, so I walked to get one.

As long as I was out walking in the warm (40 F) January air, I decided to stop by the thrift store. As in many towns these days, you can't buy new clothing in town; it's all at Wal Mart, fourteen miles down the freeway. I like browsing in the thrift store, and occasionally I get lucky and find something nice. Most clothing is $3 or less, which is all the more reason to shop there. Today I did get lucky; first in the book section I found a copy of Daniel Quinn's Ishmael, which I have been wanting to read, and a Garrison Keillor novel, Love Me. Then I found two pairs of jeans, Levi's and Eddie Bauer, my size (grudgingly admitted) and my style (none of this boot cut, low rider crack-showing stuff for me; I'm into the "relaxed fit" years!) For all of that I paid $7.50.

On my way back to the office, after getting my sandwich, I heard a cardinal singing. That's something I would not have heard as I was waiting in the drive-thru across the freeway!

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like, or even what this little town would be like, if more people chose to walk places instead of hopping into the car and driving across town for lunch.


Katie said...

You will love Ishmael! I agree it would be a mighty different world if more people would walk and just take time to enjoy that walk.

Jim said...

Ishmael is one of my all time favorite books, in fact I just re-read it a few weeks ago. I think you'll really enjoy that one Deb.

We have a senior citizen operated thrift store just a couple of blocks from here and we love the place, great bargains.

Melissa said...

Here, here. I agree. The world is so much more alive and interesting when we walk. I bike to work but the days when the weather is so bad, I drive, I miss all the things that come alive when I ride. Nice score at thrift stores. I loooove thrift stores!

pablo said...

You'll have to tell me if you like Ishmael. It's one I've been thinking of reading.

Rurality said...

The "relaxed fit" years, yeah! That's me, too. :)

Curt said...

Hey all,

On the subject of Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. If any of you are ever interested in seeking out other "like minded" Ishmael readers please feel free to visit IshCon.

Keep up the great work!


Rexroth's Daughter said...

I'm going to have to go to our second-hand bookstore today to see if I can pick up a copy of Ishmael. I prefer thrift store shopping to any other kind. I actually can't remember when I bought something new to wear or read. And, I definitely with you on the relaxed jeans, Deb.

Yes to walking or biking. The world would be a different place for so many reasons.

Norene said...

a lovely reminder about the choice we have in how we experience the world. the experience of walking is an entirely different way of relating to the world. it's possible to notice things at a walking pace that otherwise remain invisible in the whiz and speed of the passing landscape. even riding a bicycle, small, still things--like your cardinal--have a tendency to disappear.

Eleutheros said...

Ah, well.

Welcome to the reality of science fiction (ala Ray Bradbury):

Curt said...

"I'm going to have to go to our second-hand bookstore today to see if I can pick up a copy of Ishmael."

Or you can order FREE copies of Ishmael here.

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Thank you,