Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wildlife update

So yesterday The Hermit and two sons were on a horse hay run. They saw six turkeys flying acros the road. Ten years ago there would have been no turkeys. Damn DNR introductions ( ;) ) and global warming.

Today (Sunday) the Hermit donned his waders and walked across the swamp and across the creek. He saw one woodcock (Breeders here, but late to see one) and five ruffed grouse (I didn't think there was but one grouse left in the county!)

I have been pretty much tied to the house here since my Friday night gig, but I've been enjoying the bird feeder. I will post the set list from Friday tomorrow, my home computer does not seem to be able to decode the set list that Fred so promptly emailed me on Saturday. I am somehow missing that gig, the feeling of playing music and having someone listen to it, of having it all work out right and having a lot of fun doing it.

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Jim said...

Hi Deb-

I've been lost in pine plank flooring for a week, how are you?

Wild Turkeys were supposedly released here in the San Bernardino Mountains in a "re-introduction" effort some twenty years ago and I've been told there are still populations of them today but I've never seen any.

I'm not even sure they were native here in the first place, it may have been a program for hunters.

I'll have to see if I can find any info on that, I'd love to see turkeys in the wild.