Thursday, October 13, 2005

I've been deceived!!!

Turns out the eggs Hermit found are...guinea eggs. He saw a female guinea sitting on the corner spot where he found all nine eggs before. I was wondering why they were so small and pointy. Not that guinea eggs are bad; with all the cases of Lyme disease we've had around here, and the suspicion that Lady did, in fact, die of Lyme disease, a few more guineas to eat the deer ticks would not hurt anything. Add that to the paranoid terror that because of the perceived threat of avian flu, we might have to isolate our flock and raise chicks on our's a good thing. But I want eggs I can eat!

In other totally unrelated news, I stocked our pond today. Off the record. A few crappies that were incidental to the muskellunge rearing pond at work. Don't tell anyone...;)

AND, and this is the most exciting news of all...stay tuned for PICTURES! The Hermit just picked up five rolls from Evil Sam's today, along with photo CD's. And: next payday I will get not only a small raise, but also retroactive pay from when the contract including the raise was July. So I should have enough to purchase the Olympus digital camera The Hermit saw at Evil Sam's, the one with 5x digital zoom and 5.1 megapixels! Woo-hoo! I'll be a real blog!


lené said...

Congrats on the raise. I was laughing outloud at the "Evil Sam's" comment. We don't have Sam's anywhere around, but there are popular bumper stickers for the other well known "Evil Sam's"--Wal-Mart. The bumper stickers look just like the signs but say "Sprawl-Mart."

madcapmum said...

Yes, congratulations on the raise and the camera - you're going to love it! I can hardly wait to see the world through your lens more often.

pablo said...

You ARE a real blog, girlfriend!

Walter Jeffries said...

Congrats on the eggs. I have managed to hatch some of ours in my incubator and we now have second generation guineas. I like them although I would not want a huge number. Sometimes they can be loud but it isn't that bad and we have no close neighbors to bother. They do give good alerts against hawks and ravens as well as being superior bug patrollers. They have rid the area they patrol of ticks so I now rarely have to remove one from any of our dogs.

Floridacracker said...

Raise, even retroactive...envy.
Digital camera....envy.
Free fish...even crappie ones...envy.
Guinea wait, I've got those.

Dan Trabue said...

Looking forward to your pics. Looking forward to listening to your song.

Y'all ever see any of the Veggie Tales cartoons? They have a lovely song called "Stuff Mart."

Deb said...

Dan- I am way, way too familiar with Veggie Tales. Is that the one with Madame Blueberry, where those guys in pinstripe suits launch into the rap with such memorable lyrics as "an air compressor to blow fruit flies off your dresser"? I of course appreciated the message of that episode.