Thursday, October 27, 2005

life, and the gig, goes on

I'm slowly returning to a new kind of normal around here. It is Thursday night, just after eight o'clock, and I'm not worried about tying up the phone line because I know someone will be calling. There will be no call tonight, and that's one of the day-to-day things that I miss.

I was in a huge funk this morning. Even coffee, good coffee, could not open my eyes. I called in "tired" to work. My boss said do what you have to; he understands. We went to the feed store this morning in the old Ford pickup truck, and bought our first fifty pound sack of black oil sunflower for the fall. Black-capped chickadees were very grateful.

I will still be playing music tomorrow night in a little tavern just outside of Moose Lake, MN. I am not nervous yet, although I will be. I went to Fred's house to practice this afternoon, and I feel pretty good about it. I brought a lot of songs to play, Kate Wolf, Iris DeMent, Townes Van Zandt and Greg Brown and others, songs I have played and sang for years just to myself. They sounded much better with Fred's mandolin; music is really not a solitary pursuit. I could not get up there onstage all by myself and do justice to the songs I am playing. Anyway, I always have a great time whenever I play music with friends, and I know tomorrow night probably won't be perfect but it will be fun.

The coyotes are at it again, off and on this evening. Haunting.


Tami said...

Glad to hear you are going forward with your gigs. Play it for your "healthy Mom". My heart has been with you, I keep checking to see if you have written, it lets me know your as okay as you can be. May your heart at least have some small moments of peace. One step at a time we make it through the really dark times.


TroutGrrrl said...

It seems like you're feeling as one should, eh? Playing, hearing and feeling little good music will help too.

vibes, vibes, vibes...

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I wish I could come and hear you play some music. I think I'd hear a little coyote in the notes.

the dharma bum said...

deb, glad you're working through things. good luck tonight... i'm sure you're going to be great! have a great weekend one and all.

lené said...

Hope you're rockin', Deb.

A Member of Your Online Fan Club,
Lene :)