Monday, October 31, 2005

the set list from Friday

Here's what we played. Fred played mandolin on everything, I mostly played guitar except for a couple of songs. We had just enough material to fill the two 45 minute sets. Colleen, a local singer/songwriter, came up and sang some wonderful harmony on the last couple of songs.

Set 1:

1. I Wish It Would Rain (Nanci Griffith) Deb-vocals
2. Gotta Travel On (traditional) Fred-vocals
3. Chinquapin/Soldiers Joy (traditional) instrumental, Deb guitar, Fred mandolin
4. Paradise (John Prine) Deb-vocals
5. Lord, I have Made You A Place (Greg Brown) Deb-vocals
6. Gospel Plow (traditional) Fred-vocals
7. Across The Great Divide (Kate Wolf) Deb-vocals
8. Our Town (Iris DeMent) Deb-vocals
9. Tear My Stillhouse Down (Gillian Welch) Deb-vocals
10. Rabbit In The Pea Patch (traditional) Fred-vocals
11. Lay Me Down Easy (Kate Wolf) Deb-vocals
12. Charming Betsy (traditional) Fred-vocals

Beer break

Set 2:

1. Red Tailed Hawk (George Schroder/Kate Wolf arrangement) Deb-vocals
2. Home Be Bearna (traditional Irish) Fred-vocals, Deb bouzouki
3. Whiskey Before Breakfast/Saint Anne's Reel (instrumental) Deb bouzouki, Fred mandolin
4. Barroom Girls (Gillian Welch) Deb-vocals
5. Sitting Alone In The Moonlight (traditional) Fred-vocals
6. Early (Greg Brown) Deb-vocals
7. The Train Carrying Jimmie Rogers Home (Greg Brown) Deb-vocals
8. Handsome Molly (traditional) Fred-vocals
9. Tecumseh Valley (Townes Van Zandt) Deb-vocals
10. Sow 'em On The Mountain (Carter Family) Fred-vocals
11. White Freightliner Blues (Townes Van Zandt) Deb-vocals


Dan Trabue said...

What a great playlist! Was this a second concert or the list from the previously mentioned one?

Jim said...


So many great songs by many of my favorite artists, Greg Brown, Iris DeMent, Gillian Welch, Townes Van Zandt, Kate Wolf and Nanci Griffith!!

I wish I would've been there Deb and I bet you & Fred recieved a warm welcome.

I didn't know you played the bouzouki!

Did you have fun?

It sounds like an awesome down home evening to me.

Deb said...

dan- this is the list from the concert I mentioned earlier (I think the post was "I've Got A Gig"). By the way, weren't you going to organize a pilgrimage up this way to see it? ;) Just kidding. Of course, there is the chance that this could be a semi-regular thing, and they do have lodging available right there!

jim- Did I have fun? You bet! The only way it could have been more fun would be if I had an audience full of people like you & the other bloggers I like.

Glad you liked the choice of songs. Any requests for next time?

the dharma bum said...

deb, what a setlist! they sure got a bargain. katie and i considered crashing the show :) but this weekend didn't work. definitely let us know if you're going to do another one, that would be a really fun trip out of town. congratulations!

Deb said...

Anyone considering crashing, beware, the place is extremely hard to find. I was lucky, I had to run a load of fish (muskies) up to the St. Louis River in Duluth earlier that day and on the way back I decided to take the back roads and find out how to get there! Google the Hanging Horn Village if you want details... :)

Dan Trabue said...

You're taking requests?!

How about a concert closer to Kentucky?

Jim said...


Requests for the nexr performance;

Canned Goods by Greg Brown
(from the 'One More Goodnight Kiss' CD - Maybe Fred could work out a mandolin part to replace the piano)

In Spite Of Ourselves
We're Not The Jet Set
or both
by John Prine & Iris DeMent
(from the John Prine 'In Spite Of Ourselves' CD)

Harvest Moon by Neil Young
(from the 'Harvest Moon' CD)

Those are my requests, and I could go on & on, but you have other fans to please too!;~)

Deb said...

Jim, feel free to go on and on, those are great ideas! It made me think of a couple other songs Neil has done, "Four Strong Winds" and "Helpless".

"Canned Goods"--I can certainly relate to Grandma these days! I love Greg's live version of this song where in the middle he goes into about a ten minute monologue about going down to Grandma's house, having to run the gauntlet of buxom Iowa aunts hugging him, playing with his cousins, etc.

Jim said...

OK, here's a couple more from a group we discovered last year at The Strawberry Music Festival outside of Yosemite.

Little Bird Of Heaven


Higher Rock

by The Reeltime Travelers (from their 'Livin' Reeltime, Thinkin' Old-Time' CD, great stuff!)

My Darlin' Hometown by John Prine
(from the recent 'Fair & Square' CD)

Greg said...

Review of the November 3 Greg Brown concert in Burlington, Vt. on my blog at:

All comments welcome.