Monday, October 03, 2005

"girls day", Duluth MN, October 2004

This blog has been looking too drab lately with the absence of photos, so I dug into my photo archives and found this pretty, seasonally appropriate picture of Starflower on a "girls only" outing to Duluth last year. She is holding up catalogs from an art gallery she insisted on visiting, and maybe some tourist information from the scenic Thomson Hill information center/rest area. I caught a glimpse of the rainbow in the rear view mirror as we were driving up the hill on southbound I-35; luckily the exit to the rest area was coming up and I had just bought and loaded my camera with film.

I am still trying to make room in the budget for a digital camera; luckily I'm gradually selling The Hermit on the merits of digital photography. I also have about six rolls of film being processed at Evil Wal Mart; The Hermit will have to pick those up because I for one do not set foot in that place. Hopefully he will soon and I will be able to catch up on photo posting.


madcapmum said...

We find the digital SO much more economical, and convenient, and there's far less developing chemicals because you pick and choose the ones that are worth getting processed. Will that appeal to the Hermit? It certainly appeals to mine.

pablo said...

Yep, I like the digital camera because I can see what I just took, so I can know whether to give it another try. I rarely makes prints anymore, so if you're thinking of going digital, I'd suggest you NOT get a camera with a picture printer. Not only are they SLOOOWWWWW, but they are expensive. And the few prints I ever want I can have made at the drug store for some ridiculous charge like two bits. That's a lot of prints before I'd ever reach the cost of a picture printer of my own. (AHHH! The toner cartridges alone are a mortgage payment.)

Just my thoughts.

Deb said...

pablo--apparently Blogger has forgiven you, which is good news for everyone!

madcap--Congratulations, according to my site meter you were the 2,000th visitor to this blog! Well, at least since I added the site meter. Fun little toys, aren't they?

Does anyone have any specific recommendations for a digital camera? I'm thinking under $300, with as much optical zoom and megapixels as possible. So far the one I've found that meets these specs is the Olympus C755, with 4 mp and 10x optical zoom.

Floridacracker said...

I am in a similar 35mm situation...also shopping. Also can relate to the Walmart developing time lag.
I'd shoot for at least 5mp...prices are dropping. If I get one first I'll share opinions, etc. I think I have braces for my youngest to buy I may be standing in line at the film counter for a while longer.

Jim said...

Cute kid that Starflower!

Dan Trabue said...

I can only second the notion that we are spending SIGNIFCANTLY less on photos than we did BD (before digital). I'm certain that we've saved enough in photo printing costs in the two/three years since we've owned the digital camera to pay for it.

the dharma bum said...

I'll second what everyone else has said about digital... Hope it's in the cards for you guys soon. I do like that I print only what I want, I think it really equals out financially pretty quickly. I use Google's free photo organizing software, Picasa, and it makes it extremely easy to upload photos to a number of vendors for prints, and you can either pick them up at the nearest store or have them mailed to you.

Oh yeah, it doesn't quite meet your specs, but I've got a Nikon 4100. 4.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom. If nothing else, I think it takes very nice looking photos, great color.

And last but not least, what a cute kid and nice little story!