Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ain't the evening light pretty...

It is evening. The light is getting shorter day by day, and I must treasure it while I can. I come home an hour earlier than normal, and see that my dog, Togo, is absolutely dying for me to take him for a walk. I oblige, thinking if I sneak off quietly enough, I can enjoy this walk just between Togo and myself. I grab Togo's ultra heavyweight leash, snap it on, and off we go down the long driveway. Togo is lunging and sniffing at everything; I keep him away from the chickens, much as I know he'd love a good poultry dinner.

We are headed north on the road, past the creek and to the field on the other side. I hear the creek as we walk by; it is still rushing by full of the recent heavy rains. I hear a noise behind us; I turn to see Calvin on his bike, racing towards us; I was not quiet enough, but I don't mind his company. Then I see The Hermit coming up the road in our Sport Honda; he is making a beer and sunset watching run to Sturgeon Lake.

We turn onto a drive that leads us into the field north of the creek. As soon as we are into the hayfield, I release Togo's leash and he is off running, happy to be free of the chain. Calvin follows him, off his bike, running and jumping and laughing as Togo runs circles around him. They make a pair, those two, jumping and laughing and running like the wind.

I turn my gaze across the creek. The low afternoon sunlight is turning the tamarack woods a brilliant gold. Gold of tamarack meets dark green and uplifting outline of white pine, straight and conical outline of spruce, all bathed in a mystical golden light. The sky is crystal blue, the blue only found in late fall when the nights get crisp and cold. Crystal blue meets gold meets forest green. I lose my breath for one moment.

(At this point I really, really wish I had that digital camera in my hands right now. One more week!)

Dog and boy come running back to me. Dog, happy to have had his moment of freedom, does not move as I snap the leash back on. Slowly we come back, through the field, across the creek, down the road. Starflower is now pedaling towards us on her bike. She found out our secret. We make our way up the driveway, past the pond, past the chickens, into our home place.

Later, The Hermit drives in with a 30 pack of the gold, bubbly stuff. He tells me of the awesome angle of the light, how beautiful Sturgeon Lake looked all surrounded by the gold and russet and empty cabins and beached boats. I imagine the indigo colored water under an early evening sky. We saw the same wonderful thing, just in slightly different ways. Somehow tonight seems less mundane.


madcapmum said...

So beautiful. You brought me with you.

Floridacracker said...

Nice job!
I could smell the hayfield.
Those kind of moments really recharge us.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

You paint such a lovely picture of the light and the moment.

Anonymous said...

I reccommend that you somehow incorporate beer into every post on this blog from now on. I never get tired of reading about the Snad Creek love affair with beer.

Oh - and the place sounds nice, too.

A mental catch-phrase I'm workin' on: "What's a nice Christian like you doing with Wiccan land ethic like that?"

Jim said...


What a nice window into your life this post is and I wished I was there to share in that 30 pack with you & The Hermit, to wander your place, and share stories and maybe coerce you into a song or two.


by the way I finally finished editing that awkward cave dweller post I was trying to write at our blog, I'm sure you read one of my early edits that I couldn't even stand to read.

from now on I think I'd better write this stuff in Word before I post it!

sorry about that...

the dharma bum said...

delicious. :)

be wary of that digi cam deb. you might get it and think a photo of the scene could suffice. i would love to see a picture of what you describe, but i'd want to make sure i get to read your description too.

Deb said...

Thanks, this was one of those rare moments when I sat down and things kind of came together in words.

Madcap- you know I was just trying to escape the insanity of motherhood, don't you! ;)

rexroth's daughter- Glad to see you here! I enjoy yours and Dread Pirate Roberts' blog a lot. I also enjoy the Greg Brown song of the same name. Thank you for your kind words about Lady (Floridacracker too, here) We all miss her, but we're moving on and thinking of a yellow lab puppy some time soon. Nothing like the kisses and love of a puppy.

thingfish-maybe I should also incorporate a policy of only blogging after a beer or two. My musical ability suffers, but my writing ability seems to be enhanced.

Jim- I really hope our worlds collide some day. We would have a lot to talk about. I don't know what version of the cave post I read, but it was good!

dharma bum-as always, I look forward to and appreciate your feedback. Don't worry, I don't think I would have it in me to post a photo without a word or two. You always incorporate those photos with your stories so well.

Gwyn said...

Well, of course the digital would be nice, but I can picture the scene beautifully from your words.

Glad I discovered your blog, via I and the Bird.