Friday, October 14, 2005

Picture Friday

Puff Kitty, boss of the house and "paws of death" to flying rodents. He's grown a lot since this picture was taken.

Building a Bigger Hermitage; The Hermit is standing in the opening for a large sliding glass door that will open into the great room. The hearth and wood stove will be about eight feet back from the door. Directly behind The hermit is the kitchen/dining area of the great room. The great room will be open up to the roof rafters some 25 feet up at the peak. To either side will be bedrooms below and loft bedrooms above. Since this picture was taken, supporting beams and floor joists for the second story have been put in place, and floorboards on one side. Note the nice tamarack woods directly behind the house!
Edited to add: I thought something else was missing in these pictures: THE SIDING! We now have grooved plywood siding! How could I forget that?

first harvest; many tomatoes ago


madcapmum said...

I love the light in the cat's photo.

So, we'll soon be able to see where the house is at now, once you get that digital in your hands? I'm living in the bush through you, Deb, until I can manage it in our family. Gorgeous site you've got there, wonderful trees.

Floridacracker said...

Is this what the Hermit does, or did he just pick up a Home Depot book and start building? It looks great!
Is that 2x6 framing? I guess the extra insulation is important up there.

Deb said...

Eleven year ago he picked up a book called "Building Thoreau's Cabin" (sorry I don't know the author right now), ane he built the place in which we're living right now. A couple of years ago he found a book in the library (sorry I don't have the title available right now but it was put out by Fine Homebuilding Magazine) that had the basic plans for the house we're building. (We ended up "buying" it from the library: read, payed the replacement cost!)He did enough research, and consulted with enough experienced builders, that he was able to modify the design to meet our needs. And, yes, the 2 x 6 construction, is a need here in the land of 40 below. Yes, that's what he "does" these days, and that's why I love him. :)

Jim said...


The Hermit is doing some very nice carpentry there and I too noticed the 2x6 framing, being a person who lives in a mountain ski resort at 6,750' elevation.

You are going to have a beautiful home when you're finished, I can already see that.