Saturday, June 28, 2008

in the garden

I was going to post this last night, but a wimpy thunderstorm knocked out our DSL overnight. I guess it doesn't matter much to them if a few people are without service, but I called just to let them know we were without service. I knew they wouldn't get on it until this morning.

Thanks to good temperatures, and a good watering once in a while, the garden, though behind schedule, is starting to come alive. I like the look of a nice bed of greens!

I have a "bonus" bed of kale and spinach, among my growing pickling cucumbers. I had planted this bed early in the spring, maybe late April, but nothing came up. I thought it had something to do with the soil, so I dumped some of my good horse pasture dirt in there and mixed it up before I planted cucumbers. As the cucumbers came up, so did various greens.

And I should really know my greens better. When I saw this stuff growing, it looked like Swiss chard to me. I never bothered to check the stems. Spinach. But it sure looks good! I forgot I planted it at the end of a bed of onions.

It the foreground, sugar snap peas with a little dill, and an open space planted with Swiss chard. I checked the label this time. In the background, waist high garlic. For the second straight year, I am blessed with garlic. The scapes (flower stalks) started growing this week.

Daisies are in every open ditch and pasture lately. These are the result of a wildflower planting I did here a long time ago, way before we lived here. They are all that remain of the original seed mix.

And, here is the lupine, starting to go to seed already. Ah, the brief, wonderful joys of summer.


pablo said...

I barely got a flower garden in this year, much less any kind of vegetable garden. I admire you (and your damned musical talents too).

edifice rex said...

Hello! I just wanted to leave a note to say I recently discovered your blog and are enjoying it very much, especially your posts on "spirit". I have found myself drawn to live in the way you speak of also. I am also building my own passive solar house (going on 3 years now, ugh!) and enjoyed seeing your house built. Have a good day!

edifice rex said...

"AM enjoying it", how embarrassing! Good googly, I sound like a moron; I'm really not illiterate.

Jayne said...

What a great garden you have there Deb! Fresh garlic... mmmm!

Lené Gary said...

When I noticed ours going to seed, I also used the word "already." fast this season of warmth and flowers goes!

Hope you're well, Deb. Think of you often.