Tuesday, June 17, 2008

lupine time again

If you're a long time reader, this may look familiar. From the stage of flower development, we're about thirteen days behind last year.

And, if you remembered last year's lupine, you may also remember I made an offer that I never followed through on, and I'm really sorry about that. I had offered seeds from this lupine to anyone who wanted them. Unfortunately, I lost the seeds. BUT, I will collect seeds again this year and I promise, I'll keep better track of them this time!

The lupine is blooming just in time for Calvin's eleventh birthday. He's having a few friends over, and they're going to sleep on a king size air mattress in the new house! The mattress is more comfy than my own bed; I've tried it out. :) The Hermit is picking up a super secret present as I type this. I'm sure there will be an update on that later.


Heidi said...

The flowers I'd been watching before the lupines bloomed were 19 days behind... think we're catching up?

I'm so excited about your house!

Lynne said...

Please keep me on your list for seeds Deb. I've never been able to grow nursery lupines at home. I'd love to get them growing alongside the road and driveway at Hasty.

Happy Big 11th Birthday to Calvin!! Isn't it cool to have a summer birthday?

Jayne said...

Happy birthday to Calvin! The Lupine is lovely. ;c)

Deb said...

Heidi- I don't know...our pessimistic thermometer recorded 35 degrees this morning, while our new, more optimistic one recorded 42. Either way, it's a cold June.

I am ecstatic about the house. We got a deck built today to the front door. Cool.

Lynne- I think those lupines would naturalize very well and would be beautiful at Hasty Brook! I should try and get some of them growing along my driveway.

Of all my babies, I enjoyed having a June birth the best. :)

Jayne- Thanks. He is having a great time on his special day.

denise said...

Happy Birthday to Calvin!

Deb, please keep me on your list for lupine seeds! Did any of the columbine I sent come up for you?

Deb said...

Denise- I will keep you on the list. I didn't get around to planting the columbine seeds this year, but maybe I can still start some and transplant them yet this year.